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Just came back from three days in Vegas. All three Paiute courses were great. Bear's Best was also really fun. I'd play all the above again in a heartbeat, but for the $ prefer the Paiute courses. Played Wolf Creek last spring and it is everything you read about. Everyone's Bucket List should include Wolf Creek.
Very, very helpful! Thanks:-)
I need more info how this looks... Maybe I'm just having a brain block??
Weird phobia: I have to find a broken tee for irons and hybrids off the tee box! Anything else throws the earth off its axis!
305 yard par four, cart path starts about 225...  Men's league night.  Foursome ahead putting, but I'm WAY safe.  Right?!?!  I hit 3W, as I'm no big stick and just trying to get to the right yardage for approach.  My slicing ball hits the VERY corner of the cart path on the fly, comes back across the fairway at an almost 45* angle and splits the guys at the flag shoulder high on the very long next bounce and clears the green by 10 yards.      I apologized with all...
<<<<   Colorado State University Ram!!   I always have to cheer for Martin Laird
Back to what I think was the OP's topic...   Beech Nut leaf tobacco.  I just find it relaxing.  Oddly, two of my playing partners chaw the stuff too?!?!  No spitting, etc...  I'd be a huge hypocrite to spit because of how bad I go off on sunflower seeds and cigarette butts laying around tee boxes and greens.    For some reason it helps me chill out.  And has for 25 years and going...
Thanks for the response.  Confirms my suspicions.  If it is too good to be true...
Anyone buy from this place?  Prices seem too good to be true..
Age:  42   Height:  5'10"   Where are your from:  Aladdin, WY   How long have you been playing:  3 years   Best score:  89   Favorite club in the bag:  7 Iron   Golf books/DVDs that have helped you:  Ben Hogan's book, Tom Watson's "Lessons of a Lifetime"   Where do you play:  SD, WY, CO   Best courses you've played so far:  TPC-Scottsdale, Gold Canyon in Scottsdale, Powderhorn in Sheridan, WY   Things you enjoy most about golf:  Being...
New Posts  All Forums: