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Hey zipazoid,   I just mounted my phone on a post that happened to be near one of the practicing mats.  I'll probably get someone to take something of better one of these days.  I didn't initially intend to post my swings on the internet, but I found this great site.  I need to get a side view as it would be more telling of my swing problems.  Good luck!
The main thing that I am having trouble grasping is the movement of the shoulders.  I see the correct movement is vertical with an iron swing, instead of what I have been doing, which is more horizontal.  This is to encourage a downward blow. With a driver, I know you have to keep the right shoulder lower than the left at address, which I think is to encourage an upward blow.  In this regard, do the shoulders still move vertical, with the left still towards the ball,...
A big help would be if someone could provide a link/book/vid of the best description on how to execute the golf swing in steps to clear it all up in my head.  Does this exist?  Sometimes I just 'get it' on the range and other times I am guessing on what I need to do with certain parts of the body. 
Tried it out at the range last night and the results were impressive, although inconsistent which I know it will take time to ingrain this new feeling.  I didn't realize how armsy and tense my swing was until I consciously tried to leave them out, slowing them down in the process. The shoulder turn and the proper footwork made all the difference in my ability to slot the club into the inside.  It is really difficult to get that right elbow into the hip if you take a long...
This site is awesome. Hopefully I can give back advice when I get this down one day. Had no idea about the shoulder turn being so vertical, still trying to implement that.  I think my grip is better now. Before it was left hand weak, now it is more left hand strong for that wrist cock.
Quick question. My former backswing, is this more for a 2-plane swing or is it incorrect all together? Or am I getting confused and my new backswing is fundamentally sound and correct for both 1 and 2 plane swings?   I am 5'9, shorter arms and broader chested - I was wondering if there is a swing that is more suitable for my body type or if the whole 1 and 2 plane thing is irrelevant.
The chopper and Valley Golfer.. excellent observations. I have been struggling with using my weight shift and hips more. I try to take my hands out of the equation. I have made every swing mistake in the book. My swings a few months back were horrid. Casting, all upper body.. you name it. When I do get it right, it feels very free and fluid. Less strain on my body - I hurt myself a bit a month ago. I get surprised where all the power comes from and I dont feel my...
Yes sir! I saw a video of a friends swing who played pro and his right elbow seems to be pointing to the ground and the arms move as a triangular unit that whips thru. A simplification I know but I see how the pressed elbows keep that unit intact.
Would anyone consider this progress?  What is still missing - I wish I were hitting it further but I am happy with this so far.  
There is a lot of good advice in this thread. Thanks to all that responded. I did manage to get the shaft that position and Ill have to upload this in the my swing section. Should it feel like the butt end up the club is coming up and around to the left at the end of the golfswing since it is in a circle and the left elbow is higher than the right?
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