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Well I guess this is a perfect example if how all golfers' grips differ. I actually hit a beautiful fade that I love with the strong grip!
For me, a neutral grip just feels awkward. The strong grip feels natural to me and I like it.
I've always had bit of a stronger grip compared to some pros, but upon further investigation of the grip and other pros like David Duval and Paul Azinger, I've realized that it really doesn't matter that much. Mine looks like nothing compared to Duval's! Anyone out there consider themselves as strong grip players?
Im just making sure that the club's touching with the spray won't alter the performance of the club. (Like putting PAM on the face of the driver.)
Someone please tell me Im overreacting!
I dont know if this is in the right section, because im new. But anyway, in the morning, I put on a little bit of body spray on my shirt. I was then playing with my Rocketballz 3 wood, and I rubbed my shirt on the face of the club. Im worried that the oil on the body spray got on the club. Is this true? Will the body spray stuff come off if it is? Please help!
Hello everyone, I was interested in getting either the Rocketballz driver or 3 wood. I only have 250 dollars to spend, so I couldn't get both. Does anyone have any of these clubs? If so, which would you recommend more?
I was looking at pictures of the Rocketballz fairway and rescue and I noticed a small shiny "badge" right below the speed pocket. I wanted to know if this is an adjustable feature? I didn't think so until I watched the beginning of this video (On youtube). Rocketballz 3 wood (part 1) - Episode #700
What I ended up doing was putting some goo remover on a paper towel and rubbing it on the sticky area then drying it off. It worked great.
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