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I loved both books so much so I even wrote to Fred to thank him. Fred & his wife both replied (mainly as i mentioned that my bride was getting fed up hearing how "present" I was to her !).   After reading both books it inspired me to get back to golf.   I reckon that most of the time amateurs interfere too much with themselves when hitting a shot. I know that I could only say that I hit a proper golf shot every 1 in 10. (hcap 9). We should all play to our...
love this thread. Have just vtaken a video of myself. After muting my brides comments was disgusted to see hip sway on backswing & a lot of it. Almost my first movement is hips moving back & then they just keep moving. Cant believe it ! Cant believe I can even contact the ball never mind play to 9.   Love the Hogan photos . His hips move the opposite way on backswing, brilliant. No excuses. Sapere Aude.
Cheap Putting Setup   -upturned old cd = Elks Key, also holds the ball & can line up easily -elevated line of string with shadow. -putt through 2 jenga blocks with another marked at 62 , 56 & 52 mm depending how Im feeling. -aim at phoney hole , smaller than a real hole & slightly upturned, perfectly centred in the shadow.   Beuty of this is that if not hit at good weight wont pass over the hole & also will bounce off to left or right magnifying mishits. - 8...
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