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2 Waffles with maple syrup  6 slices of crisp Bacon - baked not fried a big patty of slightly hot breakfast sausage two over medium eggs and huge glass of whole milk and coffee.....   man I love some breakfast for dinner.   never had chicken and waffles but its on the bucket list!
I have one (driver) but, when I use it I shoot in the high 80's.   when I use my 5 iron off the tee's I can shoot 77-83.   just can never figure out the woods or hybrids at all.   never figured it out and one day a club pro said on a par 5, Matt, hit 7 iron 7 iron PW   I did and I was on in 3, had a birdie try every time since.   I could care less about getting on in 2 on a par 5. to much work and I have a bad shoulder... and all  kinds of stuff can go...
here is something I would like to see implemented... as a rule for the occasional player/non-competitive rounds, and it actually would lower handicaps.   White out of bound stakes, should all be red tipped the player can take the distance, with a drop and a one stroke penalty instead of re-hitting as required now.   1) it will speed the game up 2) it will lower handicaps, not inflate them 3) use of red tip drop rule- this is in non-competitive rounds...
okay this blind draw - is it done before hand or after the round?   I like this, because the foursomes can play as friends not knowing who in the 24 will be their partner?   until - when?   whoops just saw the Before hand thing...  does it matter when you do the blind draw?
yes, the HC's are genuine - for example in my group we would have a 27 - 21 - 14 and a 7       who knows what the others are right now - or if  they have one...but I am sure they do if they are in the skins tournament.   I think what i may have to do is just do a scramble with some foursomes on another day.   trying to keep it easy on the brain.
okay here we go -- I play in a Skins game that has gross and net payouts, cannot win both. ( sometime 120 players)   it is a great deal- the extras you get for the price - thats why I am thinking to bring say 20 -24 players to enter form my Legion.   So - we play in the skins with our handicaps - record our normal scores and the course figures out the skins tourney winners...   and my guys play another tournament within that one...     each group would be...
New Posts  All Forums: