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I'm not sure that I can say if they are better than your current clubs or not as I have not hit either set. I guess what it comes down to is if you really need the ~$500 (approx. ebay price) that these clubs are worth or not. If you're sell them, you could always upgrade other parts of your bag (Driver, wedges, etc.) if that is more important
I would look into reshafting before I bought a brand new one... ...or you can always look on ebay.
I too drop my club at the top of my swing when it isn't going quite how I wanted. I threw clubs when I was a kid (grade school) just for the fun of it. I haven't been fortunate enough to witness any complete melt downs while on the course...
I gave up all hope in the NBA a long time ago. I watched the draft to see where some of my (least) favorite college players ended up. D.J. White going in the first round? Ha!
Glad I could introduce you to useless internet lingo Anyway, thread-jack over
Quoted For Truth
QFT I won't believe it until someone can confirm the $36,000 was paid in full
Why has no one said the x-factors?!?!? Jack Hamm uses them!!!!! brief off topic: this photo was titled "web sight photo" Anywho, my real answer is callaway x-forged
Agreed. IMO 60* wedges are not often necessary, but I understand that I'm not the one in question here. If you find your LW is neccesary, I agree that the 3i or 5w is the thing to go.Try playing rounds without one or the other and see what works best for you.
"No. no. That's it, you've seen enough of that one." Spinal Tap FTW
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