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I was wondering about lead tape
What kind of tape did you use and where did you get it?
    What did you end up using for shaft length? I am in the same boat as you (5'11 6'3 wingspan). I have a 46in now and it is way too long. Should I cut it down? If so, from what side? Or, should I get a new shaft? The drive is a Callaway Razr X Black 9.5 stiff shaft. Swing speed is 102-106 range.
I got my first round in of the year yesterday. I shot 92 at heron bay. I was having nightmares about bunkers last night. 47 -45 = 92 +'s: putted great Short chips were good -'s: driver (first shot of the day in the drink!) Iron aim Iron distance control
  but if you think about it, it's great. because when they do do hit a good shot, you can say it to them again. "can't hit them all bad".
"you can't hit them all bad"
  i am a bogey golfer, and i have no problem with my 4-6 irons. i'll hit the 4 iron with 210+ in the air. i just added a 3 and a 5 to my bag. i haven't been out on a course yet, but i've been hitting them really good on the simulator.   but i also have a love hate relationship with my driver. i feel like i could shoot lower scores if i left it in the bag!! i did change my grip this off season so i will see how it works out. for as long as i have been golfing i have always...
i am really interested in this too. i will be in ft lauderdale this weekend into next week. i need to know what are the good spots? the only course as of now that i have tee time for is heron bay (that is where i am staying). what are some of the hidden gems of the area?
i was thinking the same thing, 8i 170? he must have a ss of 120mph.
  why does that make you think i am inconsistent with my long irons? i think i am a fairly consistent with my long iron.   what do you think about a 3 iron? ive noticed most (game improvement) iron sets dont come with a 3 anymore. why is that? i know a 3 is a hard club to hit, but i hit my 4 really well. how much harder could a 3 be?   so a 3-4w seems like a no brainer. i would like hear what people have to say about a 3 iron before i commit to a 3h.
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