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    I admit being wrong quite often since I'm married with kids, Scott. I'm guessing there's a history here of walkers versus riders and I didn't want to stir that up. I'm not rider obviously and I'll never understand able bodied people choosing to ride unless it's blazing hot outside. I'm a dinosaur. I'll admit that too.   I don't believe insulting someone then adding a smilie is any less insulting, but like I said, I'm very very old school. Pre-smilie.
I'd also include the 10-12 foot putt with zero break. Much better at hitting to a spot when there's even an inch or two of break. That one's a mental thing.
  I agree that adding a smilie seems to give people carte blanche. I'm not asking for your approval to have an opinion either. Flame on.
The hardest shot is one where the club I'd prefer is in the car or another bag (a 50 yard pitch off hard pan to a tucked pin over a bunker that gets a lot of play when I don't have my 60 degree wedge with me). I'd probably aim somewhere else on the green or take my chances putting it in the bunker.
  I never suggested anyone was "better" or "worse". Otherwise able bodied people choose to ride for a lot of reasons. I see it in person every week. I don't often see a rider playing every week with the same walker unless they have trouble walking but that's none of my business. That it does not make sense to me or that I never see it is not my business. I thought I was obvously posing my unwaranted query in a humorous manner, but I have learned that when it comes to...
There was a point? I'll make a list of topics to avoid to keep from offending players from Colorado and Florida. People who ride by choice is top of the list. No further comments.Edit: I'm serious. My sense of haha is wrong for this place.
Lol- dude posted his health issues. I have an extra 25 bucks every time I walk and my BMI is probably below the national average (a lot of fatties in North America).
Every week? Do you have trouble walking or extra money burning a hole in your pocket?
  I don't know their life stories as well as I thought. I've already commented more on this topic more than I cared to 3 posts ago, so carry on.
  Looked like he was struggling a lot of ways today - amazing round under the circumstances.
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