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When my son wanted to take up golf about a year and a half ago, I did not want to spend top dollar until I knew he would keep playing. I got him a set of Callaway X20's off ebay for something like $200$220 plus free shipping. When we got them they looked close to new a scratch here and there only. He still plays them now and is on the HS team, we have only re-griped about 2 months ago, so don't discount ebay look at the feed back others leave. I don't recall the ebay...
Like in movies the camera adds 20lb to a person, the internet addes 20 yards to a drive.
In all due respect an insurance agent it not a doctor, but I agree that knowledge is power and you should ask questions when it comes to any and all medical information and reasoning.The key is to have a good pediatrician, just like any job there are good ones and bad ones. And yes there are some that use the CYA as a guild line.I was lucky a good friend is a doctor and although I did not use him (different insure then mine) he was always there to ask questions to.But as...
To be honest I don't recall what it was, but Amanda is 19 and Justin is 16. I assume it was the same as your kids?
I guess the question would be why would you not do all the vaccinations your doctor prescribed?Plus to get your child in school you must show proof that they have been done.
Just a suggestion, if you have a chance try the G25 you may really like it, I have not played the G20 to compaire?   But both may son and I have the G25 4w they are 16.5*, well balanced very easy to hit.
T,I guess since Lihu is our partner due to the kids we will be there is he is able to make it. Or if he can not I am more then happy to just play with my son so we can see you guys again and keep in touch with you all.Just let me know how you want to handle it.
I understand the sprit of the outing so put us as tentative until this is settled. I get what iacas is saying. Also since Lihu may not make it will have to wait and be sure he can go so we have a set 4 some any how. Again not a big deal.
You or any one can say what ever to me polite or not I am a big boy.I don't recall this conversation other then parents need to play with there kids, could be wrong?What I recall was that we were no longer inviting a guest that was not part of the TST, this came up because of my father in law. Now if that is true then anyone inviting a person that person should be a part of the TST correct? So yes I decide if I will join the outing if my son is not invited, I just need to...
Are you talking the 26th?This Sat (19th) Justin is doing the install for his Eagle project so we can make it.
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