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For the most part we play from the whites. There are times we will play the tips or blue but we try hard to play it forward unless the course is open. I have heard and not sure if this is true, that the blues are set up for a person with a handicap 10 and lower?   But what ever the case we have fun from the whites.
JMO but it seems the players with a higher handicap just feel more comfortable looking down at wedges that look and feel like the rest of the set. You can't really open them up, you play more straight shots with them so for the person starting out nothing wrong with that.   I have always played the wedges that were part of the set I had in my bag, up until a few months ago. I now play SM5 wedges,  they have more options with my shots, as well as more options in the...
23 years ago when my wife and I moved to LA and worked at the same company it was expected we learn to play. So we played every weekend and went to the range a couple times a week, we sucked but had fun. We did not know any one in LA so it was away to meet people. Couple years later we had our first child, my wife quit and I slowly stopped, playing to about once a month until my son was born. 12 years in girl scouts, 10 in boy scouts there was never time. Until my son...
He plays by himself all the time when Justin and I cant go so I am sure he would not mind.He can hack with the best of us!
Totally agree.
Man you have to feel for the guy, it must be very difficult to be such an icon in the sports world end up like this. His ego must be shot.
Guys if you want to open to another guest, I am sure my father in law would love to come? He is not on TST so not sure how you all feel about this, but to make up a full four some, if it really matters i am sure he would like to attend.
I have been ready this from the start LOL, I do have a question golfbarefoot I see you re a (Titleist Tech Rep) is that correct?
No vote, I don't shop at either one. I went to both GS's in my area neither one had anyone that wanted to help and when I did bring up a fitting they did not seem to care one way or the other. I even had one guy tell me, I will fit you right now no charge just buy the clubs and suggested I only really look at TM (they were the best) no real need to look at others but could try as many as I wanted just to compare, but he was going to fit me for TM. Not saying there are...
It has!
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