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I have been ready this from the start LOL, I do have a question golfbarefoot I see you re a (Titleist Tech Rep) is that correct?
No vote, I don't shop at either one. I went to both GS's in my area neither one had anyone that wanted to help and when I did bring up a fitting they did not seem to care one way or the other. I even had one guy tell me, I will fit you right now no charge just buy the clubs and suggested I only really look at TM (they were the best) no real need to look at others but could try as many as I wanted just to compare, but he was going to fit me for TM. Not saying there are...
It has!
Good to see you around Mr D always like reading your post!
I have a friend that has 2 dz putters min and the one he carries is an old Ping that makes that funny ping sound when you hit it. I understand it is a very hard to find putter and looks like it has been in a war. He play for the collage and Jr PGA but that is the putter that works for him. Good luck what ever you decide don't let your self get caught up in having to have a Scotty or any club. Get what works for you, the object is to score low and have fun.
I had the same grip on my Scotty's but have keep the stock grip on my Ping. Never found a reason to change it and when I need to re-grip will put another stock Ping on it.It just works!
Only you can really tell if a Scotty is for you and if you want to spend the money on it. They are very nice! I had a half dozen and none ever felt the same on the green as they did in the store. It was more about owning one or two or three of them. I play a Ping now and would not trade it for anything we had a great thing going.   Mr D and many on here play Edel due to how they are fit for that person. I would have  gone to them next if my Ping was just not so great!
We play every weekend at least one round, plus a few on vacations,holidays or when ever we can fit one in, I would say this year 70-75 +/-? One thing different this year from last was, we put in quite a few 9 hole rounds. This year we have played 3, 1 with Lihu and son and 2 due to slow play and walked off the course.   My son on the other hand will have well over 100 with him being on the HS team. Lucky kid gets to play at all the country clubs in our area, with there...
I saw this last night to, and thought how great it was for this guy to follow a dream. Like so may that get caught up in life, paying bills, buying food and never get to try a long shot, he is. Now he can say what ever the out come he gave it his best no regrets. Sure anyone with a low HCP can try out but not everyone did, he did. I agree why overanalyze this guy just wish him good luck.
I put, I usually score much worse. The last 6 months we have played so many different courses, some have just kicked my a?? and my score takes a hit.   When I go back to one of our home courses that I know every shot, green what to expect my score is much lower. Bummer being a bogey golfer.
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