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Don't forget the X2hots!No wonder my game sucks and now we are
 That's not true, I played my last set for 18 months.
Do you know anyone that owns a business?If so then ask them about it, they will know how to run and read the reports.
Do you know anyone that can run you a D&B on the course. It wont give you all the answers but at least you can see if there is any bad debt called in on them, who they owe how much and if they are paying on time.
Guys we are in for what ever the date ends up being. Don't like the cart path only part, that always seems to be a cluster.
I live very close to that course (5 min) away. Some of the boys off my sons HS team worked there part time and never got paid so they left. Also during the summer you can play after 5:00 until 6:00 for $20. After 6:00 find a cart kid if you flip him $20 for your group he will give you a cart. That course is all messed up and no gives a crap what goes on there.Not sure if it has gotten any better or not, the last time we walked on there were guys walking the course picking...
6 hours, 30 min it was about 100 out we got to the 11 hole and walked off, that was at David L Baker in Orange County. Not the first time we had played there that we ended up over 5 hours. 18 hole ex course, paid over $85 for me and my son to play, have not been back.
Got my son new G30 3 wood with a stiff shaft. E6 balls for me, Nike ball for him, tees and new gloves.
We played Riverview yesterday (small group of guys) not sure how the hell I shot a 40 on the front and a 46 on the back, funny part is I hate that course. This has to be the best round I have had in 6 months. I think a lot has to do with my pitch shots and using different wedges, around the green saved my butt. What ever the case I will go with it.
New Posts  All Forums: