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Guys we are out unless I have a solo weekend around that time, will let you know if anything changes thanks.
Big C we are out thanks.
I met Lihu and we play every so othen, as well a few other guys we have meet up out side the outings to play so this has not been a waste at all for me any way.There is no bullet to take and everyone has been great, so I think it will be best if I go when I can.Really nothing more to be said, not trying to sell I was just asking.
I think if you go back a few you will see that there was an issue, one with my son and the other with my father in law. Mt son because of his age and my father in law due to not being a member on the sand trap. So not to cause any issue I just want to be sure everyone is okay with this. We really enjoy coming to the outings and seeing everyone but in no way want to there to be issues or to cause any.
I figure I have about 18 months before my son leaves for collage so until then I have no issue just playing with just him. I will have all the time in the world after that. Maybe no any money to play with if he gets in to a few of the schools he is looking at.  I also just wanted to be clear with other guests there was a time unless they were member that we were not to bring them.So as long as everyone is good with it I will invite my father in law (Steve). He does have a...
Will see what everyone else has to say, I know if us 4 play were good but my father in law would like to also.Man I have not played much at all. With my step father passing away and driving to SD every weekend and my Justin Eagle Scout ceromoney this past weekend my game has gone to shit.I think I have play twice in 6 weeks.
Guys were in. Question are we opening this up to none TST members? Thanks
Hey guys, sorry not been around much. EOY darn near killed my company with the ports all jacked up. Then my step father passed away so I have been traveling back and forth to San Diego on the weekends. Have not had much time for golf or anything so ya we are in what ever date will be fine look forward to it.
We all ready have a tee time for Santa Anita, feeling okay today looking forward to playing tomorrow.
No but every time I think about it, it puts a smile on my face. Even now I am LOL that was a great day of fun and golf!
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