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Hey guys, sorry not been around much. EOY darn near killed my company with the ports all jacked up. Then my step father passed away so I have been traveling back and forth to San Diego on the weekends. Have not had much time for golf or anything so ya we are in what ever date will be fine look forward to it.
We all ready have a tee time for Santa Anita, feeling okay today looking forward to playing tomorrow.
No but every time I think about it, it puts a smile on my face. Even now I am LOL that was a great day of fun and golf!
Nope had a CT scan last week and seeing an ENT on Friday, taking way to many pain pills just to get through the day.
I will second this, wish we could have made it but work is killing me right now and have been pretty sick the last few weeks.But will be looking at the next one to be there and see you all.If you have any pictures that would be nice to see. Tristan a new job congratulations.
This one we will be sitting out, with Lihu on the ropes and work just can not commit. But have a good time to all you that are going see you at the next one.
Got my son a new SLDR Driver, his HS team is starting up again this month so I thought it was time to get a full driver fitting. Balls for me and him. RD had a 20% off everything in the store this past weekend, the young lady at the check out was not sure if we were to get $100 off the driver or 20% so she gave us both. Have to say a new driver for $220 bucks could not go wrong.
Oh man you are the one that is pushing us to go.
Lihu, Plus 1 (that is what I call her) is a great kid, but HS is hard, for the girls I think even a bit harder. From what I recall from Amanda the girls are just mean in HS. So just be there for her and help guild her along the way. I know you spend a lot of time with both of them and she sure has a lot of interests. If golf is for her she will let you know, you have a great relationship with her.
Bummer for us, I am leaving for New Jersey early Sunday morning for the week.So it sort of looks like Nov is out for us at this point.
New Posts  All Forums: