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USCFAN,   It was hole number 11.  Slight dogleg left.  I'm playing the course again tomorrow (28 Dec) at 1236. 
Badgers4life,   I finally opted for the TM R11S over the Titleist 910.  I only decided upon this driver based on the price I was offered.  Since tuning it myself, my longest drive (two weeks ago) is 356 yards, slight draw, and added another to my fairway stats (Redhawk GC in Temecula, CA).  I'm 50 with a small tear in the disk between L5 and S1.  I know.  Most won't believe it.  Anyway, although the drive was impressive, it doesn't matter the distance nor the...
Thanks Mr. Desmond.  Funny, I remember the old T Pro with the rubber bands and the rubber core.  You could leave a dent in that ball with a finger nail!   I'll check out the TP5 and see if I can leave an imprint.  It's a good test for compression.  Right now I'm implementing a game of distance vs backspin (Titleist Pro V1 on all reachable holes and Titleist Tour Distance on all others.).  Again, I will check out the TP5.  Thank you.  
Ok.  So, for anyone who can actually see this post, I opted for the Taylor Made R11S in 9 degree.  My old driver was the Taylor Made 320 Titanium 7 degree.  I'll turn 50 on the 28th of Dec.  Three weeks ago I paced 302 yds (Titleist Pro V1) with this driver set at 7.5 degrees; 10 in the toe and 2 in the heel; ASP set to C (but seems more psychological that anything else).  Anyway, does anyone know a comparable ball composition to the old Titleist with a balata cover? ...
I retired from the Marine Corps after 27 years and am now working for the Government (DoD) inspecting/training the Marine Corps!
Replying to my own post!  Sorry guys, I was thinking R2 because of my loyalty to Taylor Made.  Of course I meant to write the 910 D2.
I have an older 7 degree Taylor Made (prior to R7) I've been hitting for 10 years and compare all other drivers to that.  I've hit (range only) the R11 and R11S and cannot justify buying one.  My seven degree is longer and accurate, even after a fitting.  However, today I demo'd a Titleist 910 R2 10.5 dialed down to 9.75 and, although I don't care to hit a 460cc driver, I now have a worthy challenger for my old TM.  Next week I take it to the course (Camp Pendleton, CA.)...
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