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So very white and gold.   then I watch the back and forth clip   now it is very difficult to get white and gold - 99% of the time it's not black and blue   weird
they do now
  always switch - then you win either 1/3 of the time - you win TWO GOATS - YAYYYYY!!!! 2/3 of the time - you win a CAR AND A GOAT - YAYYYYY!!!! that's how it should be
 that was my thinkingregardless of being short, he had a putt for birdie anyway, pretty amazing when you think of it  the reel of Tyler's confessional quotes at the end was hilarious - especially  "you just gotta let it roll here, the editors can deal with it"  or something like that
"great tournament"  "I watched Tiger Woods when he was a pro"  hee hee hee   I've only gotten about 10 minutes into the interview and I'm a new fan of this guy
 I understand 
no - you started with a 33% chance, that didn't change - the only thing that changed was the 66% chance moved from belonging to two doors, to one door. (your pick of door was randomhis pick of door is NOT random) there's no psychology behind Monte's strategy - He ALWAYS shows an unpicked goat and allows the option to switch so there's 100 doors - you pick one - he reveals 98 goats - do you switch to that last door?
you've never watched Let's Make a Deal clearly - game show, extending the game, titilating the audience IS the intent Let's change the story - Monte has 10 doors (9 have goats, 1 has a car)  You pick a door.   Now, Monte opens up 8 of the remaining 9 doors and reveals goats.  (it doesn't matter which door you picked, there is always 8 other doors he can reveal).  Now he offers you the chance to switch to the last remaining door.
One problem with Big Break is they overplay the obvious and easy angles.  (excessively using only one or two people in interviews, finding an angle on a player and just playing on it over and over and over.....)   If the 'lesson' shows are McLesson shows, then Big Break is the McContestant (12 one-trick ponies) show     They'll find ways to put Chad out there and try to cash in on his handicap and service with viewers.  And nothing else.  And since he's the most...
 I'd refine that to it is how a lot of outsiders "like to think" they view us.   (i.e., that's the caricature that they CHOOSE to accept for whatever reasons) But I'm on political sites and get disproportionately exposed to the idiots that have had a load of anti-US indoctrination put on them.I don't really give people that wallow in stereotypes much time of my day.  It's lazy of them and self serving mostly.   (fortunately it's balanced by a job that has a lot of...
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