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Quite a few bunker holeouts before my 1st eagle and a couple bunker holeouts between the 1st and 2nd eagle FWIW
From last Friday:   Either a 160 yard sand shot to within 6 feet for birdie on the first hole of the first round or a 185 yard fairway wood to an elevated green into the wind on the course's longest par 4 during our scrambles on the 2nd round - the others left every shot significantly short and I was the last to hit
Fun day - 36 holes here - front 18 played straight golf with a very good front 9 and total meltdown on the back 9. I got to hit from sand a lot and was SUPER happy with my ability to pick the ball.  All but 1 shot was very good from the beach. I have no idea what I was doing on the back 9  it was ridiculous   5 sand shots - 3 penalty strokes - 5 x 3 putts:  since a mid to low 80's round would be very good for me here, it's clear what I need to fix I...
I like the fitness aspect, but after two shows, I'll likely just DVR it and watch only if I'm really bored. If one really likes fitness and neat and different ways to show it, then the winner remains American Ninja Warrior, of course.
 seeing how the ball had to be sent through the right mounds and figuring out the travel path, or if it was sent high that it had to land in the right place with the right spin, etc etc etc and then some of the putting to figure out -  was...to me....IMHO  FREAKIN' AMAZING
  Why?  Did Louis leave?
 I'd like to see the results correlated:  Does being at the top of the leaderboard correlate to those players that whined (a lot) less about the course. I bet it does - strongly.
 Well, I'm normally holding my putter and the other guy doesn't need the distraction of me trying to find a place to hold it or if it's swinging around, etc.....
another gem of a new course - I'm running out of courses near me on the weekends to try out.  Messed up a couple really good birdie ops.  But at least I'm giving myself chances.  
I pull the base loose from the cup Hold the flag down Stand on the side where my shadow doesn't cross the line of putt Other hand is hidden behind I try to hold the flag vertical and not slanty despite the factor I have the base loosened I stand still until the putt is well on the way     For Pros, I suspect holding it to the very end is to eliminate the distraction of a body moving while the putt is rolling - these guys watch the putt all the way to get more input...
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