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take the headcover off the putter before the stroke -   you get cleaner contact
with a stranger, I don't care one bit and wouldn't have said a thing - possibly not even noticed with a friend, I'd quietly walk up, and move the markers 5 inches forward  I normally play by the rules, but for this poster I'll gladly and quietly try to break a rule on every shot that he can eyeball - If I can do something different on each shot that would be quite a challenge (80 or so different rules to break - is there even 30-35 different putting rules possible to break?)
In the first challenge, were the teams 'required' to rotate through the roster? Seems to be smarter to let the same person hit over and over as they got accustomed to the shot.....
 this ^  they'll feel more under pressure to be the one that knocks out the obnoxious kid (and not be the next one to get knocked out by him) the role he's choosing is obnoxious, but it's certainly adding a layer of pressure to anyone that ends up face to face with him.  I just keep wondering if it's an act based on that psychology vs him being just that objectionable a person naturally regardless of that..........nice chip shot, good moment to have both skill and a little...
 Didn't know that.  That's a Plus 11 to a 1 in record time. 
Lots of good shots including some approaches and a couple super nice drives on a couple par 5s.....but   Short and narrow and tree lined par 4 I pulled my driver (yes, I should have just teed off with the hybrid) left deep into the trees on the left - pull and hook.   Pine needles, lots of trees, pretty much a parade ground of columns in the way, 40 yards in at least.  one nice bit is the trees all were clear of branches up to at least 15-20 feet - kinda felt like a...
One last round last Friday.  Bad stats, but scrambling pretty well - gotta be happy with the score considering FH and GIR stats......  Pulling shots left a lot by end of day.  Seem to be fond of sand, but I was hitting my sand shots well, so that was fun.  Really wasted a lot of birdie chances.  Every one of my GIRs gave me putts within 8 feet - missed them ALL.   Clubs are put in the basement and I'm going to rehab my elbow and be ready for next year.  By the back nine...
   please no - frankly, if you look at pics from before ANY of the work, she was gorgeous. she's starting to really look ridiculous - it's a shame what I most appreciate about her is her commitment to fitness - the rest is sliding downhill desperately fast
aid 20 - golf equipment combined with aid 21   aid 21 - a golf course
why - do you think they mean used toilet paper?
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