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 I'm in the other camp - it kind of sucks.  I'd rather follow a group through their round. to each their own
I tend to play on the spur of the moment.  So I use the sites to see if there are open times to play.    But then I'll call the course and reserve the time and tell them the price on the website.  Usually the regular rate is the same (without the booking fee).  If the site offers a good deal, I'll ask them to just match it and take out the middle man - we both win.   One time, it was a really slow day at one course and I went there in person.  For some reason, the kid...
that line is a work of art -
I have 8 different drivers and 5 different putters....   and a 1 iron - I can't hit it, but I want people to think I can
It's basketball season and every once in a while, Dick Vitale pops up.   Suddenly I'm not so annoyed by the golf announcers as I used to be..........     (I prefer the Euro announcers normally just a little bit, but it's amazing sometimes the incredibly insensitive stuff that slips out - it's funny.  they seem much more comfy with their stereotypes and ' -isms than the US announcers.  Or at least it's more normal there so they get away with it.   I'd love to see the...
 this whole thread is great, but I'm giving maximum points for the use of "toffee hammer" on topic 
 My tracking website shows 7, I've not  updated the TST profile since what's already shown (because I'm lazy).  And my terrible finish at the end of the season (apathy and injury) puts me in a similar situation.  I started getting elbow problems around mid to end of August and just couldn't sink ANY birdie putts end of season  (mental I hope) So when I get back this spring, I fully expect to lose a LOT of the good rounds in 'most recent 20' list and replace them with...
She's ok.   I think the lifting picture is the best one I've seen so far. It's genuine, she doesn't need the makeup she normally wears. It's a real pic of a healthy and attractive woman.
 CO and Cali - glad to hear it.  It is very unusual for sure.  Absolutely the starter and marshalls should take of it like normal business.  Like someone not sharing a ski lift - but people still do it.   Another version of the same thing - course is VERY tight, a two-some is gaining on another twosome....1st two recommend they combine into a 4-some.  2nd 2 - "no, we'd rather just play on our own, we'll wait" when it's very tight, the courteous thing to do (for the rest of...
 another 'lousy' is when it's busy and you see a single take an entire time slot or refuse to mix in with others just to play solohowever, that's a problem with the starters and the course guys (IMO)
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