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89 on Friday.  The good run is officially ended.  I'll recover.
 I suspect it's actually a MUCH softer "J" sound then like Vee "Zyay" Gas My bad, I'll try not to cringe then. I think most people will just say "yeah, that's right" when people even get closeStill better than the twenty different versions of "Angel" we heard last year.
Camillo in the lead   Golf Channel host are pronouncing it Vij-a-gas   that's doesn't sound right to me.....that's a couple "L's" I'd think it would pronounce as an L or a soft vowel sound.  Certainly not a J sound.
Not a good day - pretty much the Fairways hit metric says it all.  GIR and Penalties are all pretty much a result of missing the tee shot.  One GIR miss I had my 120 club out and the course guy drove up and noted we were about 135....so I hit my 135 club and overshot by about 10 yards (I deserved that)   First time playing this course - Really nice, mature trees (I know, because I was standing under quite a few of them).  I'm coming back.  The back nine is particularly...
  Oh no...   I'm sure there are plenty that are even more so.  You just need to look harder.
I think I did all of this - Except the even round at par - Close, but not quite (2 over included 3 penalties on one round), though I did play a difficult 9 hole at 1 under.  And all my games I'm getting really confident in just playing most holes in regulation as a reachable expectation.  Season is not over yet Handicap dropped a lot more than two (12-7) due to the other items - pretty much hitting straighter (I've always been very on at my distances, so getting the face...
 Can I use that? revelation + re-evaluation = revaluation
 member for a few months - thanks for posting here in this thread and making the offer.  that's a big deal, I believe, with this crowd.  And it's a great crowd IMO "Isaac"    he gets antsy when you jsut misspell the name, this'll kill him.....  I like Ernest's question - I'm a mallet guy, but I believe I've been slowly moving away from that as my stroke is getting better...
turns out I just don't have the distance - based on the posts here, I figured I can't even try until I get my full 8 iron up to about 230 yards   not there yet......
 AND, saevel doesn't even capitalize his own user name.  So I'm going to mock him until my eyes water and my chest hurts
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