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nice shots - looking at the scores after day 2...   regardless of how it turns out the new kid Finau looks like the real thing.
 for that matter, you can buy various grades of re-furbished balls of just about all the premiums - very nice too for those that are scared of the woods
Lucky you, we were in Maui and had the wedding reception at the Blue course, but I wasn't able to free up enough schedule to play any of them.  The Wailea courses looked beautiful   We got to Elleair (nice public course) on Mother's Day and had a great time.   Played on a goat pasture on Oahu also.
 let me be clear "hitting" one at a time is totally different that going through it with their routines overlapping.........    (get a tight enough stop watch and it's not actually possible to 'hit' at the same time - yeah, I'll play that silly card.....)
  I've learned so many new and creative ways to swear. But it's about my shots, not anything my playing partners do or say - unless they're being jerks on purpose. Bonus, I've found so many versions of bloody marys that it balances well   
 You are making him deviate from his routine and it could be causing his bad shots.  cut it out. 1 - encourage him to clean up his routine at the driving range, not on the course2 - he can take a dozen practice swings if he does it while the others are hitting - encourage him to do his practice swing while the others are hitting and not to worry if he and another in the group hit simultaneously I don't really think people NEED to hit one at a time - except for putting and...
 this is a great cycle at any age and I had FANTASTIC results when I added yoga and interval training to it.  If there is a heavy ab load to it, then I'd also balance with lower back work personally, I'm a fan of keeping records and always trying to push to new person records as my goals - it helps to look back a few months and realize that progress continues and is significant.
 Seems like golf is a crappy hobby for "golfers" in your definition
 absolutely.  right now I'm doing all that except for the last two things......
 I agree with this.  a contraction is a contraction. P90X is a good program - super setting with the goals to consistently push your personal bests based on physical bio feedback is always a good method for lifting.   (and then mix in a variety of other types of workouts) Changing up the exercises to keep me engaged in the process is just a good idea it doesn't need some silly name to make it more palatable.Trying to sell me a bunch of silly supplements is off putting...
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