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Who was he paired up with at Barclays?  Feherty was just fine, but I could barely stand to listen to the other guy.
Donald Trump......   the right - stupid enough that Trump is currently in first place the left - stupid enough that they are trying constantly to manufacture and identify ways to try and kill his campaign instead of encourage it     I give up       (in seriousness?  I'm encouraged that at least one side is trying to move away from career politicians (Trump, Carsin, Carly) - not thrilled with one of those options - but happy with the general concept   It's...
 I was going to pursue this line - "game, sport - can't it be both"but you beat me to it  in any case, it's a ridiculous topic designed just to get under people's semantic collars and poke at the egos of self serious types (I'm amazed at internet forums - it's a place where people........that typically can't really fight their way out of a grammar bag,,,,,,,,try to fight to the death over the wording of subjective issues I've seen the angriest threads on line between two...
 With all the little defects near the cup, I sometimes wonder how many of our local golfers like to pirouette in their short putts and when picking balls out of the cup. They do seem to do a good job not damaging other parts of the green with their shoes - I guess not fixing ball marks minimizes the shuffling and dragging of feet.
 If the intention of the rule is to not damage the green even further, then this really is odd.  Though the stance will, of course, be at the edge of the green in any scenario like this.
solo round Friday (76) and yesterday (79) met a really decent group - both courses kinda difficult and windy both days - both mature with beautiful views and really great layouts- couldn't be happier with my play lately   both courses I had on my list for places to play before winter hits - only one more left in the area near our weekend camping.   and both courses were hot deals on line at $20 a round with cart (the 2nd course is pricey, so BONUS)   really hitting...
 and reaching #1 for any period of time
Funny - if there was a contest this time, I was thinking of picking Tony Finau   so far so good
As soon as he runs for a position on the NAACP, or political office, then I'll give it 'slightly' more attention and outrage or if he uses the car as one of his 14 clubs in his bag   he gets as much respect for political stuff from me as do actors, singers, baseball players, and window washers - they get their respect for being excellent at what they do, not just bumper sticker social/political sentiment   at this golf time, he's a golf golfer
Fine, I was nice about it, but clearly making progress on item 2 here. 1 - to joke around2 - identify who's humorless on that specific topic LiHu - Also, my nephew made it through college on a baseball scholarship - it's a standing gag to have the discussion because it's fun.  Thanks for the back and forth.  fun stuff.
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