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I appreciate all the comments. This has definitely been educational. I am going to use it for a month or so and see if I get used to the hard feel. If I have good results with hard feel I will just have to get used to the hard feel.
Just stupid I guess.
Yes old club was 60 degree also. I actually hit it pretty clean. I appreciate the comments. I guess I had the misconception that forged =softer. I do like the more spin but still trying to get used to the feel.
I recently purchased my first forged wedge. It is a calaway forged 60 degree wedge with 9 degrees bounce. I have been playing an old set of Watson wedges for probably about 5 years. It was one of those set of 3 wedges for about 50 bucks. I bought the forged wedge based on sale price and reviews. I was hitting my Watson wedges ok I just thought I needed something with a little newer technology. This is my forged club of any kind and have a few questions. This club feels...
Luke Donald. -8 Nicolas Colsaerts -8
I agree 100%. I would even go as far as contestants couldn't have played college golf.
Brent is one of the best putters I have seen on big break. He is money from 15 feet in.
Lets you know how serious these guys take golf. Thanks for posting.
I also use ez links.com . They have a couple different options . You can buy a tee time for a discount price or you can make an offer. I have played for as little as $10, when using the make an offer option . That is $10 for 18 holes with cart.
If you want a good laugh watch Jim Romes "golf guy". We have all played with this guy and most of have been that guy at some point. Jim gets a little over the top with his "golf guy" routine but never the less it is funny.
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