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It really doesn't matter what brand of clubs Rory uses, they are all made in China.
It really depends on how long of a career Michelle will have.  The year 2012 has been a disaster and I do not see an improvement for 2012.  She has barely made pocket change in 2012 and if she was not a multi-millionaire, she would be in financial trouble.  I doubt the money she earned paid for her private jets.  She has stated in the past that she makes her own decisions.  I seriously doubt that and I think her parents make all of the decisions for her.  She has become...
Unfortunately, golf is about number 5 on her priority list.  Her game started to decline four years ago and since then, she keeps getting worse.  She has no idea where her tee shots are going to land and can not hit a pitching wedge closer than 25 feet.  With her parents, it has always been about the money.  Michelle purchased a home in Jupiter, Florida (with her real estate agent mother's help) for $3.9 million and 10 months later, listed the home for $5.9 million.  I...
I only give her two more years on the LPGA.  I know she is talking about the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, but, I can not see her making the team.  In 2012 she has really become the "bogey queen" of the LPGA.  Her game has become very inconsistent and she has been averaging 16 bogies per tournament.  When Annika and Ochoa were playing, they may have had 16 bogies during a season!!
She was very savy when dealing with finances.  Beieve me, she certainly was not the "dumb blond."  She has been living with Iglesias for many years and does not intend to get married.
Michelle will not win another tournament during her career.  So far in 2012, her average score is 77!  In her first rounds this year, she averaged 75 and just barely broke par 3 times out of 18 first rounds.  She just turned 23 and her parents are still treating her like she is 13.  I can not see her playing on the LPGA after she turns 25.
New Posts  All Forums: