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I shot a respectable 40/38, 78 today at Magnolia Creek CC.  Six bogeys and twelve pars with really bad lag putting!!!  
It is because they hit one and only one great spinning iron and stick it right next to the pin.  They would really benefit more from a mid tier ball with decent spin.
It is the best part about the sport!!!
These are 85g?  That's extremely light for stiff flex unless they are graphite (than it is normal).  My stiff flex steel shafts are 109g.
That should be fine.  I own a white pair myself, I have had them for around 7 months and only lost one spike.  I've replaced them all because of wear.
Yes, I believe that these numbers will allow anyone with great control over the golf ball and a good to great short game to reach single digits.  Although I'm pretty sure that you could not be able to get below a 5 or 6, just my opinion.
Driver - 240-250 3w - 210-220 3h - 200 4i - 185 5i - 170 6i - 160 7i - 150 8i - 135 9i - 125 Pw - 110 Aw - 100 56 - 85 60 - 55
Just close the face and lower the loft.
Good to know!
yeah, it's obvious that the spider would be more square and stable at impact. A higher MOI will cause this.
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