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Ya that's very true. I've been swinging like this for the past 3 years and its hard to get your body to do something a different way. When you say weight forward, should I be putting more weight than I currently have on the front foot at address? Or are you saying work on keeping it forward throughout the swing?
Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. I think my number one priority right now is focusing on Key #3. Although I am not sure I will successfully get there, without getting my hips to open at impact. It looks like without my hips opening, my arms have no where else to go. @saevel25 those videos were very helpful. Are there any other drills you can think for Key #3?
Thanks for the video I'll try and work on that. So your saying that I am coming over the top as a result of flipping at the ball? I take it that's why I get bunched up through impact as well and my left arm chicken wings.
Figured I'd post up recent videos. Not muh change as you can see. I've even trying to work on more wrist hinge and adding some flex to the right knee. I realize I have many other issues but I'm taking it one step at a time with evolvr. Few questions.... Does it look like I'm coming over the top? And also I have had that chicken wing since I can remember. I've heard it can be from multiple flaws. Does anyone see the main problem resulting in my chicken wing?
Ya flat left wrist needs a lot of work. I've always had that chicken wing and flip at impact, which I am determined to get id of. Since I've only had one video reviewed I'm simply working on the the set up and backswing I get things started. Then build on that and incorporate more keys. I don't want to try and fix 3 or 4 keys at once. With regards to my lower back, i have heard that by endless amounts of people including my evolvr instructor. My spine naturally arches...
Haven't posted a swing since last year, and since I have greatly improved it I'd figure I would post it up. Also, I just started Evolvr last week and have had my first response. I can not wait to keep working with these guys and continue building. This past week i began working on more knee flex at address, rounded shoulders, and keeping my head down (central vision of ball). Also on the backswing I am trying to straighten my right leg while moving hip inwards, while...
Pinehills and Granite Links should be at the top of your list, unless of course you can find a way into TPC or The Country Club, but I doubt that will happen.
@jamo New England cc in Bellingham is a great course. It's not the cheapest course, but it's challenging.
Red tail and pinehills are some of my favorite courses in this area. Although pricey, they are worth it. The jones course in definitely a different ride. I am from Boston though so I tend to stay out here more often. Usuals are franklin park, braintree muni, south shore cc. If anyone is near the city, you have to check out granite links in quincy. Place is beaitfiul. Even if you don't play, the course is on an old quarry and is one of highest elevations around Boston. The...
Entered. Crossing my fingers
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