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Shot 64. First nine 32, second nine 32. For winning first place on a professional golf tournamnet in La Vista Country Club, in Puebla, Mexico. A good heavens golf day!
Hello All, Please lets all make a prayer to all the human being that are having this difficult time in the northeast side or U.S.A.. Love and light to all. Jorge
Hello Golfers, I have read his books and found some interesting concepts of the game. He has help me with my golf game. I recommended a lot! He has help Big easy (Ernie Els) a lot on his mental game and must on his bad temper! Yes Ernie was a angry player! Now he looks so center and nice person! Good golfing everyone!
Welcome! Congrats on your golf magazine! Great that you people share golf concepts, photos, articles, etc! Good golfing!
Hello James, I sugest that you open a little more your right foot at setup. If you put your right foot to straight pointing front, you block the normal rotation of your right knee. Try to point both of your feet at 30degrees aprox to the outside. With this you will use a normal rotation of the knees. Hope you get it. Try to put some sport creme, tiger balm is natural and for me is the best one. Keep in touch!
Hello Golfers, I LOVE the Zen series. They focus on the mental part of the game with a very simple way to teach them. He used oriental terms like the gurus from India, I love those metaphorical teachings! A must read! Have an amazing Golf Weekend! Jorge Gomez
Hello Golfers, Now that you ask, I have played with: Tiger Woods, two world cups. Sergio Garcia, mexican open. Gary Player and Jose Maria CaƱizares, on a private Senior Tour event. Jorge Campos, Goalkeeper for the Mexican soccer team, Have an amazing Golf weekend! Jorge Gomez
Hello Golfers, I love Golf for Enlightment, by Deepak Chopra. Seven Days in Utopia, great book! But the movie has nothing to do with the book. Much better the book! I also write a book about Parenting Young Golf Champion, named Loving the Champion. It has been a success in the junior area, specially for the parents. I dont know if it's aloud to put the link in here, so I preffered not to do it. If anyone is interested just contact me. Have an amazing Golf...
Hello Golfers, I'm 35 yrs old. 6'1 and 140lbs, I average 122. Have a Great Golf Weekend! Jorge Gomez
Hello Golfers, I'm a PGA of Mexico Class A Golf Instructor. I own golf academies in Mexico, I teach golf in one of them, where I live. I'm also a Certified Hypnotherapist. Own two websites, one is for meditation and help human being to discover their inner peace, The other is about my golf book Loving the Champion. And by the way I'm also in the making money online area. Have a great Golf weekend! Be Happy, Jorge Gomez
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