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An even 100 at the Gold Course at Goodrn Horseshoe. I actually played very well, but I lost 8-9 strokes to struggling in the sand. Very impressed with the architecture!
Scored a 93 at the Army Navy Country Club. Had two blowup holes. If I can just eliminate those, I'll comfortably break 90 for the first time!
Initially, I was over the moon with the RBZ 3 Wood. However, I am having serious issues playing it from the fairway (and I've also heard this from others). At this point, I don't even touch it, except off the tee. It IS long though. Seriously, unbelievable long, if you can hit it.
Yeah - no one was expecting any substantive snow! I compulsively checked all the weather sites in the days leading up to it! Just 5mioes north, no snow stuck on the ground!
Pinehurst #4, 5th Hole. The unpleasant conclusion of an 8 hour trip down.
After becoming addicted to the game this summer, and suffering through winter golf here in DC, my friend proposed heading down to Pinehurst this weekend to get the last weekend of the winter rates.  Full of piss an' vinegar, we left the DC area at 1AM Saturday morning for an 8:10 tee time on #4.   Upon arriving, the historic juices really started flowing, and despite it being 35 degrees, I was really, really excited.  The starter told us to stay warm, and to expect a...
Where is this covered range near DC? I'd love to go...
Wow. That is super impressive. Grip it and rip it!
This was the first Big Break that I've ever watched (and I started watching the episode Chan was eliminated).   I think it was superbly done.  Even my wife, who loathes golf, seemed to be decently interested once the finale came around.   Frankly, it was just refreshing to see a reality show where it seemed like the final four were just genuinely good dudes, and were all pulling for each other.  I'm glad that the producers didn't try to add conflict.  
Consistently shoot in the 80's.   That is all.  
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