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Aye, welcome Wendy, and perhaps back on track!
 I think we are almost there, last post wins!
Rule 47 - During the stipulated round, a player's mind is never as clear as it was before, or will be after, the stipulated round. (and the same applies to Rules officials)
Hopefully, he brought it up himself, as is expected by the Rules.  However, I believe his fellow-competitor noticed it and questioned it, as he should do. It's really just another example of a player not knowing the Rules governing his profession.
Is this a case where the last post wins? 
Not totally joking.  Just making some observations based on my experience at many professional events (someone asked if I'd ever attended any - yes, and in an official's capacity).
Yes, I have noticed that!  Tough crowd....
It's called the TV camera effect - watch the PGATour, no one starts getting ready until the camera is on them.  I suppose it's so that their sponsors get maximum time exposure?  But it's amazing that no one starts putting on their glove or determining yardage until they are on camera.  It's as if they are in a play, and don't start until the curtain goes up.
You'll have to explain that for me - in alternate shot there is only one ball in play for two partners.  In better ball games, where each partner has a ball in play, the balls may be played in the order the side (partners) consider best for their result(s).
Hindsight is always great. However, it wasn't obvious at the time, even considering the Rules talent present at The Masters - top Rules minds of the R&A, USGA, PGATour and European Tour).  It was discussed and concluded no breach occurred.
New Posts  All Forums: