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 What are we - a bunch of jerks or gentlemen?  Mark and lift the ball!
So, the slow players get rewarded? Did all of the other players have the benefit of you assisting them - forecaddies, search etc? Is this consistent with the principle in 34-2/3?
However, the opponent or fellow-competitor is under no obligation to share such information, ie, he can refuse to share it without any penalty.
The Rules (Rule 6-7) do permit the Committee to implement pace of play policies, and, imo, that's all that is needed in the Rules.Again, imo, any player who has a pre-shot routine that is more than 20-25 seconds is not showing the necessary respect for his fellow-competitors or opponents, or anyone else on the golf course. I think the policies should not permit 40 seconds; it should be lower, but the first person to hit any shot (tee shot, second/third shot, putt) should...
Thanks. Glad for the readers of this site that it's been sorted out. Doesn't matter who's opinion was right as long as it's concluded correctly. That's how Committees work also.
They would only be disqualified under Rule 1-3 (agreement to waive a Rule) if they knew what they were doing was a breach of the Rules (new wording added to several Decisions this year).
A caddie can assist the player by lining up the club, including with the club immediately behind the ball. However, placing a foot on the green to indicate the line for putting is a breach of Rule 8-2b and results in two-stroke penalty, even if the foot is removed before the ball is putted. At age 7, the kids should be just permitted to play - no competition involved.
If the player did not have the intent to proceed under Rule 28 when he picked up his ball, Rule 28 can not be assigned to the player's actions. Without such intent, the player has played from a wrong place. This is from Decision 34-3/6
Don't use it near airports!
Thanks for doing the follow-up. I still don't like the result, just another thing to slow down play, but the RB has spoken.
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