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Mate, I feel your pain. I have only broken 90 twice. First time was our open day and I won that, second time was a scrounges game. Man I was over the moon. But I usually destroy my game with 2-3 holes. Having a double or triple bogey just destabilizes me for a couple of holes. It's so bloody annoying.
Hi guys, I haven't posted for a couple months now, web pag crashed everytime I tried to open it. Bit of good news to report. Had 39 points today for second place in local comp. I won the open day at my club last week with 62 points for 27 holes. My h/c is now down to 23. Almost lost a shot a month so far and the tgt of 20 by seasons end is looking very reachable. Very happy with my game ATM
I don't smoke and chewing tabacco isn't a bit thing here in Australia either. I don't mind if people smoke when their on the course, just don't come over near me
Go the lefties
I'm left handed, so I've been playing for a while, realized how crap I was, had 4 or 5 lessons and now my game is slowly getting better. I played last weekend and won our comp day , yet I'm still getting advise from lots of people. Things like I think your grip is a bit to strong,or its a bit weak or just put your feet this way. I might go on a slice run for a couple of holes then ill get this advice, if you aim over this way your slice will bring you back to the middle of...
A 2 handicap and your new to the game, keep trolling
Had 35 points today in nasty windy/raining conditions. It was the best score for the day but only a couple of people turned up. Driver let me down, not behaving like it has the last 3 rounds. I lots about 5-6 shots over 18 just by having to chip out of trouble from my drive.
Ha I wanted to quit today, it was flogging down with rain and I just wiped a hole. Ended up coming in with 35 points for best on the day. Not super awesome score, but ill take it. But I don't think I'll ever quit. Just keep playing crappy golf lol
That is gold
For what it's worth, I have driver, a 3wood, 3hybrid ,4hybrid 5i-pw ,52turned to 50deg, 54deg and 60 deg wedges. This combination seems to work very well. I also have a 4i but it usually stays out of the bag, but if its in ill take out 4hybrid. I seem to have a nice consistent gap thru all my clubs with this setup. I have been told to get a 5wood, but I don't see the advantage.
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