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Im not on about taking range ball ( stamped and marked range ball ) ive found 2nike and 2 new looking pro v1s which i kept just to try the nike which i aint played before . And lets face it none off you would turn down a new pro v for free , by the way i wouldnt take any balls of the course unless i found them in a bush or something where its defo not any ones playing the course at the time
I was just curious as to what others would do, you had a bucket of say 40 yellow range balls and the was a new pro v1 in would they hit it or keep it Where i go to the range is the same its in the middle off the course basically so theres allways different balls in the bucket you get from the machine
If you find a good ball ( titleist , callaway, nike , srixon ) in good condition do you keep them or just hit them back down the range
Hey guys , Started playing golf about 6 months ago, ive been looking at buying the wilson fybrid 3wood and the 19.5* to fill inbetween the driver and my 4 iron , have any of you got these clubs or had the chance to hit them , are they easy to hit ? Are they very forgiving ? Whats your opinion on these clubs or could you suggest any others to try. I have wilson di9 irons which i think are good clubs and wanted to stay with the same brand any help would be great Cheers
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