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I made a large purchase with my own card once and the credit card company called me to confirm the purchase while I was standing at the register. I was very impressed.
I bought a Titleist Vokey SM5 at my local Golf Galaxy last year. Well technically I had to order it from their website, but it qualifies as big golf chain, I think.
Yea, I forgot to insert a smiley
Yea, that's probably going too soft with them.
The former, because I think that's what @Shorty was getting at in the post @boogielicious quoted.But yea, since you brought it up, the latter is valid, too. If there was one club that really outperformed all others in distance, all the pros would be playing it.
I agree that shaft stiffness in a wedge is dependent on the individual golfer's preference, but I think you have this part backwards. Stiffer shafts are needed to reduce shaft bend on faster swings, not slower ones. That's why faster swingers need stiffer shafts. Partial swings with a wedge are slower so the softness can help with the feel of the club loading properly. Having too stiff a shaft for a partial swing will make the club feel like a board. Try choking down hard...
No. They still can't make a driver hit "further."
I always thought wedge shafts typically come slightly softer than stiff shafts you get in irons because the softness helps with feel on partial shots, which the wedges are primarily used for. Stiffer shafts should launch lower with less spin than softer shafts.
It's much deserved.As to my comment about how you see the course differently than I do, I remember @Lihu and I were talking about how you and @jamo were breaking down the landing areas, looking for the best angle into the next shot, or the best spot for a favorable bounce, etc. That kind of thing will probably take me years to figure out on my own and it would be awesome if I knew a good golfer that I could play with on a regular basis. That's why I suggested to...
That's what I thought. Thanks for the clarification.
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