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I believe @Mr. Desmond is from that area, maybe he can help you.
Maybe the guy was putting for 8 and needed to pick the ball up.Welcome to our course. Please keep up with the proper pace of play. Our ranger doesn't miss a thing, he has eagle eyes...
Paging @David in FL
Soft/hard stepping can be done to your irons to alter the feel of the clubs. It's something you'd get done if you were "in between" flexes on your clubs and needed something slightly stiffer or softer.   Soft stepping means you take all the shafts out of your irons and install each one in the next iron in numerical order. Basically, take your 3i shaft and install it in your 4i, your 4i shaft in your 5i, etc. Makes the irons feel a little bit softer because they are...
Like I said, there are some parts of some fairways that are 40 yards wide, just like there are some parts of some fairways that are 25 yards wide. The 40 yard fairways are far fewer than the 25 yard fairways, as a lot of holes are only 40 yards wide from tree line to tree line. Not that any of that is an excuse, because I can still miss a 40 yard wide fairway. I hate trees though  Landing zone is a completely different to fairway width. I'll play to the rough when it's...
Ted Bishop needs to read this thread:  ​ 
It's not 40 yards all the way, just some spots on some fairways. That's pretty much the widest it ever gets. Same applies on the narrow end. The rough around here isn't too penal, so I don't make a big deal out of fairway width. Mostly just tree line to tree line, plus a 5 yard buffer zone. Gives me a lot of room to work with and I still hit it into the woods. Is that like a weighting thing? Maybe your graphite shaft is too light?
There's no such thing as a gimme eagle 
I didn't presume that at all, but it was a very generic statement, so by definition isn't necessarily accurate  #DeadCenter  What's pretty standard by me is 25-40 yards. I checked a few of the courses I usually play on Google Earth. Cool. Can't really say much more without having looked at your swing. It just seemed from your initial post that you were set up fairly closed and pulling them into the fairway, but I may have misunderstood  you. A 5-10 yard fade/draw is an...
You didn't have to point it out quite like that. Some people can get defensive when they feel like they're wrong and being corrected. Perhaps it would have went better if you politely reminded him that he was teed up in front of the markers. Gives him the chance to save face.
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