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You're joking, right?
I can't tell. The opening is facing off camera, isn't it?
@saevel25, this ones for both of us  If y'all don't want to know, don't read my swing thread  
That sucks. We had a dog when I was growing up that used to bolt out the door. I loved that dog, but that was never fun.
http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-instruction/2014-09/36-most-common-mistakes-in-golf Some good stuff, some I don't agree with, and generally written with good wit. FWIW, I am (or periodically have been) guilty of about eight of these.
Very cool. How's that ankle?
Up to 20.7 from 19.4. Finally played enough golf to knock the better scores from a few years ago out of my handicap calculation. Last differential was 17, though, so hopefully I'm getting better and it will start going down again with a few more rounds.
Why? What are they doing that warrants a fee?
I always wanted something like that. Too bad I'm a PC user.Seems like GG gathers enough data to present stats like that, but it's just something they haven't implemented in their software, correct?
I'm assuming you've seen the Quickie Pitch thread? I don't think you need to adjust your stance width. You have too much shaft lean at impact, though, you're really bringing the leading edge in play like a miniature full swing. More dealing cards feeling back and through to engage the bounce; unhinge your wrists and let that clubhead pass your hands.
New Posts  All Forums: