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Good looking clubs, though the price is a bit steep. With limited options for bounce and grind, I don't see why people wouldn't just buy any other wedge off the rack and save themselves $80 per wedge.
Ideas for your next book?
Actually brining is how I thaw my turkey. It goes straight into the brine frozen.Not surprised it doesn't need it, though. A well cooked piece of meat really only needs some salt and pepper for seasoning.I've never brined my shrimp, either, but I do add aromatics to the poaching liquid when I make shrimp cocktail. In Chinese cuisine, we mostly stir-fry them whole and the shells flavor the sauce.
Do you brine it first? I always brine my turkeys (and pork loin, too).
I've never smoked a turkey, but I would break it down and do it in pieces.
Snickers is good, but Baby Ruth is better. I also like Skor and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but they're technically not a candy bar. For chocolate bars I like Godiva or Ghirardelli dark chocolate up to about 75%.
Everything I've ever read about Tiger's design philosophy is quite the opposite. He believes in making courses fun and accessible for all skill levels. Just play the appropriate set of tees
Couldn't tell you. I quit playing baseball when I was 11. My head moved around too much in my swing and it made it hard to make consistent contact. Was great when I timed it well, but wasn't fun when I didn't hit well.Just like golf
Key #3, Flat Left Wrist? Nobody teaches that He also spelled "piece" wrong, wrist supination and flexion are two different motions, and 12 minutes is way too long for an instructional video that has no audio commentary
Welcome, @HanNL! Glad to have you onboard!
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