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If you drink so much you risk getting a DUI in the golf cart.
Short range session before my round today.   I need to slow it down more. I'm not doing the move right at this speed. Also it seems like I'm swinging a bit to the left.   This whole forearm rolling and left wrist cupping action needs to go away so I stop having a six way miss. Honestly, I'm still a little afraid to bow the left wrist hard because I'm worried about hooking it.
I believe the two watches were worn to simulate the weight of a heavier watch, like a Rolex. He (Andrew Rice) did.
http://www.gamegolf.com/player/billchao/round/114422   Started out pretty good, then went downhill from there. Was actually playing with the Hit and Stop drill swing (started on hole 4). Still doing it poorly.   Also remembered now why I stopped using my LW as my primary short game club. Kept sliding it under the ball.
I don't believe TM is cheating anybody. They design their clubs to be high launching and long. Part of that is due to the shaft. Everything you've described about those clubs shows that they do what they're designed to do.Plus, from what I've read, TM designers have found that most people will try to play a shaft that is too stiff for them, so their shafts tend to be on the softer side.
Sure, I mean you're doing it right now There's no reason it can't be an actual fix. Nobody ever said you had to play golf with the target line parallel to your stance line. If this gets you to swing more right where you tend to swing left, then go for it.
Path is instinctual, so by aiming more left, your brain knew it had to do something to keep you from hitting the ball into oblivion, so it likely caused you to swing more right, towards your actual target.
Why the 6+? Doesn't the 6 have the same camera?
Yup. You'd have to be intentionally tanking it to shoot 90+ while hitting 12 GIR and 16 nGIR.Heck, one of my round this year I hit 7 GIR and 12 nGIR with 39 putts and I still managed to shoot 88. I probably would have shot in the 70s with five more GIR.
Well then good news! It's in color Seriously, if you're on the fence at all about it, I recommend getting it.
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