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Videos are private.
It's gone for me, too. Maybe whoever posted it pulled it.
I fixed it. If you're on the mobile version of our site, please embed videos by inserting the video URL between the code: [video][/video]
It's hardly a lost cause. They've never given me reason to dislike them, I just don't think their woods are as good as some of the others out there. Good reviews are important and I'm sure @jamo's will help, but their past offerings haven't been all that spectacular and I think that holds them back. Like I said, when I'm thinking drivers, Nike isn't on top of that list. I don't have the time to read reviews on everything out there, so Nike reviews don't make the...
The list of things I'm ignorant of far outweighs the list I'm knowledgeable of and I'm okay with that. I neither have the time nor the desire to try every club released by every manufacturer every year. The onus is on the companies and their promoters to convince me to try their products.Yes, this is exactly what I was saying, thank you.
Doesn't matter what it's based on. It's probably based on long outdated information about their clubs. What's important is that I think this about their woods and that's something that their marketing/promotion departments have to deal with. When I think drivers, I don't think Nike. The same kind of thing works in a company's favor, too. For example, when I'm looking for wedges, I start at Vokeys. Reputation is a pretty powerful thing.
That doesn't really surprise me. I've never considered Nike as a leader in woods and I'm sure there are others who feel the same way.
I'm not a good golfer by any means, but I like clubs with smaller heads, provided I can hit them well enough. I mixed my bag with blades for short irons and GI for long, with 2 hybrids. It's probably just a psychological thing, but I feel like the smaller head causes me to focus better, or maybe because the golf ball is bigger relative to the head, it seems like it's easier to hit. My confidence with a club comes from my history with it, not really from the way it looks at...
http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2015/05/video-mountain-lion-plays-with-golf-flagstick.html   Apparently there are cougars in Arizona. 
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