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That's crazy. Also not really the point of the discussion, but I'm pretty sure you know that 
I was going to respond to this, but @Golfingdad pretty much nailed it on the head. That's a pretty extreme example, 40 yards difference between tees. Many holes on the courses I play, the tees are barely 20 yards apart. Sometimes they're on the same length of tee box no more than 10 yards away from each other. When you're hitting poor drives, the extra distance is negligible. It probably doesn't even amount to even half a stroke over time.
I doubt that it can match TM (or any other radar-based launch monitor) in accuracy. I'm not exactly sure how this device would even measure your club path, just your hand path, which isn't quite the same thing. It also seems to clip on your glove, which isn't possible if you don't wear gloves.Anyway, I think it's "worth it" as it is in terms of price, as a GameGolf/Arccos type of device.
I believe @Golfingdad has a counterweight on his putter so his tag isn't attached the conventional way at all. I think (I may be wrong) he cut off the screw and just glued it on or something.
I'm probably just bitter over the whole Kovalchuk contract debacle, but the NHL sucks at applying it's policies equitably.
Anybody else bothered by the fact that Chris Pronger's contract was traded this weekend and he was elected into the HHoF?
http://www.golfchannel.com/news/golf-central-blog/video-tiger-takes-you-tour-his-bluejack-national/     Looks like it's coming together well. Hit it into the trees and you can still find your ball? Count me in. I like his design philosophy.
Pretty cool @mvmac, thanks for sharing. I appreciate the recognition, but I can't help but feel like the least accomplished member of that list. I better get back to writing some original articles 
Might be the way you aim your putter, might be something in your stroke, it's hard to say. A putting lesson might not be a bad idea, especially if your instructor has a SAM PuttLab.
My mother in law used to ride along with her boyfriend a lot. He used to pay greens fees for her and the course would write him a rain check ticket when they were done, which was pretty cool on their part. I have no qualms against a ride along fee. I understand the economics behind it. Most courses around me don't allow people on the course if they're not playing, but I was going to take my wife out with me last time we went on vacation (the fee was posted so we knew...
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