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I use a pull cart. I wouldn't necessarily say one type is better than the other, just that they do different things while serving the same basic function.I've never had to do the first three while I was walking. Plenty of time elsewhere on the course to do things if I needed to.You got me on the last one, though, but I'll counter that two wheels are easier to maneuver than three.I have only ever had the cart fall over twice. Both times were because I took a hill or a bump...
Spin-o-rama moves are illegal in all penalty shot situations. Not just in shootouts.
Swing is better, scores are a mixed bag. Feels like I'm just one step away from playing better consistently. Just in time for winter.
The courses around me are busy enough that I'll usually get paired up with other people. Plus, a lot of courses won't let me book a time as a single, so I have to tag along with other groups to guarantee I have a slot. I don't really like to play alone, but I will if I have to. I only have a couple of friends that play and for some strange reason they don't like playing at the crack of dawn, so I make do.
I started a thread on this before. http://thesandtrap.com/t/76935/golf-digest-editorial-36-most-common-mistakes-in-golf
I think some pros have quirks in their for sure, but I'll bet they were pretty good golfers when they were young, so there was no need to change that. I don't think people should get wrapped up in how a swing looks more than how well it functions. Ugly and consistent swing beats good looking inconsistent swing any day of the week.
Looks to me like your analysis is flawed. You drew your red line to his belt loop (the first on the right from the middle) in the address picture, then you copied it to the top of backswing picture. Except now the end of the line is at his hip (on the next belt loop over).The red line would not be long enough to reach the original end point because the right knee is extending. It's like @iacas said, the "ankle to hip" distance increases from extension.You're looking at the...
Thanks, I'll do that. Probably not going to get to play before then, but I'll try to get out to the range.Makes sense though. Too easy to just hit another ball on the range and repeat as necessary until I start hitting good shots. The course is one and done; no chance for a redo.
I got 30. Like some other people have mentioned, I'm not sure what this was supposed to mean or what impact it has on my golf game. Are they suggesting that I'm no good because I'm not "gritty" enough? Is that like saying I need a better "mental" game?
I think it's the quality of the strike and the consistency. Pros don't miss very often, and when they do, it's typically not as bad of a miss as us amateurs.Do you go to a lot of PGA Tour events? I've only ever been at the Barclays once, but even from that one day, I can tell you I have never seen anyone strike the ball as well as a tour player while I was out golfing (I have seen @david_wedzik hit some shots during a clinic).Maybe @David in FL can chime in?
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