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Uh yea, there's a waiting list for the women to gain membership, the same way men get in. Did you read the article?
I vlog with a tripod stuck in my golf bag. All I have to do is line up the bag how I want to frame the shot and a quick check to see if any adjustment needs to be made.You can't get cool details of the lie and all that, but honestly that kind of stuff comes out poorly on video, anyway. It's just hard to show depth on a 2D medium.You're still playing golf, not shooting a movie. Unless the course is empty and you have some understanding partners, you don't have all the time...
The extra tags are good if you have more than 14 clubs and you like to switch clubs. Not really a big deal for most people, I don't think.
It's in the article. Women have to go through the same membership process as men. They're not going to rush the process for the sake of getting female members in.The article says it might be a year before the first woman gets in, due to the waiting list.
I do this a lot, even during the season. I can actually take a pretty fast swing with my LW in my living room as long as I abbreviate the finish just before A9 or so. Still have to check that you are actually changing the picture by filming yourself while hitting real balls, but I find that the repetition makes it easier to make adjustments in the real swing. Yea, Golf Evolution is awesome. When are you and @pcombs21 going to open one up in NJ, @iacas?
http://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/donald-trumps-ferry-point-golf-course-accepting-tee-times It's a Jack Nicklaus design and a public course. I'm actually kind of excited about it.
No, the problem isn't that he chose a public forum to congratulate his daughter. He's a former MLB player, his daughter committed to a softball team and he wanted to share it with his followers and fans, etc.The problem lies in people who think that a small amount of anonymity gives them the right to say and do stupid things.
I'm trying to temper my excitement. Every time the weather looks like it's going to break, we get hit by another cold front/snow storm.
Ok, completely different may have been a stretch, but Norman's praise for other golfers makes him less of a homer in my eyes. I still disagree with his assertion that more people aren't winning because they don't want to.
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