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The idea is I'm supposed to get flat or bowed at the top, and feel like I'm holding it there. Obviously, feel isn't real.Alternative feeling is to downturn my left hand to lead with the back of my hand. Feels like I'm dragging my knuckles on the ground (hence my moniker). I've been avoiding that feel because I hit crazy low hooks with it, but it's there if I need it.Definitely helpful, thanks. I love the impact bag btw For me, I do things slowly and it all works, but once...
I'm still trying to solve the wrist cupping. I was messing around with some static positions tonight, and it seems the only way I can bow my left wrist and keep it flat is if I feel like I'm downturning the wrist, as opposed to cocking it up. Back to Steve Stricker feeling, for me.   Here's a good picture of excessive wrist action (this is me at A2.5):
That's not exactly what I meant. I was trying to find out what your actual practice habits were. Do you just hit a bucket of balls, or do you do drills, slow motion movements, etc.? This is what I'm getting at:  ​  Youtube can be good, but you need to focus on what the priority is in your swing. You still have to work on that head movement. Like I said, your recent swing doesn't look much different than the first ones you posted. This is as close to a routine as I can...
Thanks for sharing, Matt. I always wondered if I should switch flex and whether it would be of any benefit or not, but now I'll stop thinking about it.
Definitely doesn't sound like you tee it too low. I don't know as much about it as you, but I think 2 1/2" might be a bit too high? I tee my ball at 1 3/4". That's the most frustrating part of the game, really. You know what you have to do and you've been working on it for who knows how long, but still manage not to do it right.
I never thought you were. Honestly, why it was on Golf Digest never even crossed my mind, so when you asked the question I kind of tried to answer it.My wife has battery usage problems. I think I may get her something like this for Christmas. I can use one myself, really.
Yea, but what if you don't have a spare battery? Plus, this device charges other USB devices, too.Because you can etch your golf course logo on it? Honestly, I have no idea, I just saw it and thought it was pretty cool. Maybe we can get some TST ones
Yea that's what I thought originally, but then I thought I read the article wrong.
Do you mean inconsistent as in flight and shape, or contact? I'm thinking, if you're consistently missing it low on the face, maybe try teeing it higher?But if you're hitting it all over the face, let me know when you figure out the solution to that please, thanks.
Interesting. From the article, I was under the impression that the club was voting on the change. Now I'm quite thoroughly confused.
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