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True, but the difference is synthetic is a huge cost up front vs cost over time. Sure, maintenance of a grass course probably exceeds the initial cost of a synthetic course at some point, but present value of money and all that jazz. Plus, an irrigation and drainage system should be cheaper to install than artificial turf.The more I think about it, the less it makes sense from a business standpoint. Golf courses don't exactly make the greatest investments, so why add to...
Caption under the picture says he is holding the replacement trophy, as in the one Pebble Beach gave out after the original never came back.
I'd play on synthetic grass. Like others have said, I think it would be great during the seasons where the courses aren't in the best of shape.   I was thinking it might be good when there's been a lot of rain, for example. You wouldn't have to worry about plugged lies. Then I thought, well you can just play LCP like the pros do in South FL 
Umm welcome to TheSandTrap? Not sure who you're talking to (but I can guess), why you'd take this kind of tone for your first post, and why you chose to dig up a four year old thread to do it, unless you're just trolling.Please don't troll. It's not cool.
Got it, thanks. I appreciate the bluntness, BTW. I can be pretty dense sometimes, just ask my wife
Thanks.That backswing length is an old nemesis. I'll start focusing on that if the overtaking is less of an issue now (unless you mean for me to do both?).I'm going to experiment with adding that left arm feel with my right arm, as well, see what that yields. I've tried to swing to 3 in the past and I still swing to 4++. I'll just have to tackle it like I do everything else.
Definitely, but nothing crazy. Haven't been playing over ten years, though. Most of the technology I benefit from is on the instruction/theory side. I did see a slight gain from switching to newer GI irons, but that's mostly on of center hits.
Great read, @mvmac, thanks for sharing!
Count me in, as well. I was putting earlier this year with my right hand on the end of the grip and my left hand wrapped completely around my right. Worked better than the reverse single overlap I used to use, but I've made a few set up adjustments and I started pushing the ball too much. Switched and I have the same control over the stroke, but much more control over the putter head.
New Posts  All Forums: