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That's pretty lame. Hopefully he gets back to you at some point.
Yes. The whole point isn't about doing a shoulder movement, it's about making a centered pivot. In order to make a flat turn from a golf incline, you'd have to raise the lead shoulder. Front side stretching as opposed to bending causes the head to sway.
Do you have this move on video? If you are in fact rotating your shoulders level, they're not rotating about your spine and you're not performing a centered pivot correctly.I can rotate my shoulders pretty flat and still get the left shoulder under my chin, too. That doesn't really mean all that much.The spine is inclined towards the ground at address. If the shoulders are rotated about the spine (perpendicular), one has to go down and one goes up.
I wouldn't be too bothered about that. There are lots of things in the Asian grocery sauce aisle that I've never used before. Sometimes you just try something and it works out well.Flavor is good, but I don't get that deep red color like the real stuff. Probably just a technique/equipment issue.
For special occasions, yea. I cheat by using bottled sauce  It's different than what you can buy from a restaurant or a store, but I like the doneness on mine much better, as the store-bought stuff can often be dry and overcooked. If i just want some to go with a meal, it's store-bought all the way.
It returned the ball on the next tee.    
Nope. My BBQ ribs are smoked and never in direct heat. I also make Chinese style ribs that are slow roasted in the oven to render out some fat before liberally applying a glaze. Neither is ever boiled first.
I would have made you use a putter Anyway, agree with the main topic here. Better closer to the hole than farther away.I also participated in the one club challenge at Whispering Woods. I definitely hit more greens with a partial 6 iron than I would have with a full 6.
I'm going to upgrade to an iPhone. In November. Of next year Mine's an LG, but I have problems with my phone, too. Ever since the Android upgrade my phones been running hot. Now there are dead spots on the screen. It's not even a year old.
New Posts  All Forums: