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Can you get a real net in there, or is that frowned upon?
Good work, @boogielicious. I like the setup.
Of course if there are environmental issues, taking punitive action against those responsible after the fact would do very little for the actual environment.There is opposition to the golf course and subsequent real estate development around it, too. I believe people feel there is impropriety there, especially considering the corruption allegations occurring in Brazil.Here's an article from another source on the subject:...
I was doing that more last year and I think I started to pull the ball instinctively, because my brain knew where the real target was and that I was lined up too far right, if that makes any sense.I'm pretty sure I still line up too far right to begin with, and some of my "pushes" are really just straight shots.
Overdraw (or even just a standard pull-draw) with the occasional push-fade, so I usually just aim for the middle and hope it works out. Had a fight with the hooks late last year that I hopefully got out of my system. I hate Key #5.
But you can track it as it flies towards the woods or the water! 
Another update: It would seem that it's over. The cynic in me says that those who wanted the golf course completed (politicians, etc.) made it happen and this decision has less to do with the environment and the law as it does with politics. 
http://www.golf.com/equipment/chromax-golf-balls-never-lose-site-your-golf-ball-again They look neat. My son would love them.
"Lloyd" fell out of the tree. It's over.  http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2015/03/man-falls-out-of-tree-protesting-golf-course.html
They came in yesterday. Took them out to the range almost immediately. They weren't that hard to hit at all, and provide good feedback. Mis-hits were actually closer to my target line than with my Pings, oddly enough. They're a whole club shorter across the board, but I have 3-E on the Hogans and 4-UW (gap wedge) on the Pings, so I can make a one for one switch through the whole bag. I took them out for 9 holes today and I don't think I lose anything with them, at all....
New Posts  All Forums: