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Awesome pics, @iacas! I'm looking forward to the shenanigans next year!
You're not really that far away from me. I've never been a flipper, so that's what you're working on that I never had to. Just keep doing what you're doing because it's working.Yes, thanks. I posted it some time ago in this thread. You commented on it, IIRC I have a tendency to lift both arms at the end of my backswing, which this feel didn't help me with. Again, I think that's because I got it stuck in my head that my arms needed to be up there. Now that I know better, I...
I remembered now that you're an AimPoint guy. I only did the super condensed quickie express read from the Erie outing, so I don't have AimPoint for the shorter putts.
I think I had a lightbulb moment in regards to my overswing. I'm apparently practicing it every time practice my swing. When I make swings in front of a mirror at home, I swing only to where my left arm is parallel to my shoulder line. Here's why in think that's wrong: When we look at a swing, camera angles matter, right? The DTL view is along the toe line, at hip height. Problem is, my eyes are at eye level (duh) and slightly closer towards the ball than my toe line....
Yup. I was surprised that they had good information there, although this seems to counter the advice I heard a certain well known instructor has been touting... Any thoughts on the technique for reading short putts?
Welcome to TheSandTrap!   In the future, please embed your videos. You can do it by clicking the filmstrip icon on the toolbar and pasting in the YouTube link:   Here are some other resources that may help you:           Thanks for joining, and good luck!
http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2014/08/make-the-turn-challenge-23-shi.html  I don't usually like golf magazine instructional pieces, but I thought this one was pretty interesting. Not sure about the technique in the video, though.
I think the obvious answer is that my swing gets longer on the golf course and I'm not hitting from a perfect lie.The other thing I'm thinking is, in the above videos, I'm focused on making the swing, because there's no real target, I can't see the ballflight, and there's no reason to look up for the ball once it's hit. On the range, my swing is still focused on mechanics, even though there is a target to hit to. On the course, I'm thinking about playing golf, and my swing...
One of these guys clearly cares more about retaining possession of the ball than the other.
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