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http://www.gamegolf.com/player/billchao/round/562735   Played a round with @SavvySwede at the club he works at. Beautiful place, but a tough course. Greens were a lot faster than I am used to and I couldn't get the speed right at all. Started the day decently in terms of ballstriking but it all went downhill as I turned into a complete hack on the back 9, topping the ball everywhere.   GPS map needs updating, since it looks like I hit two SW shots out of the fairway on...
Down 0.7 to 17.4
What if it's an aioli?  Seriously though, I don't really care about this kind of stuff. Labeling something as "mayonnaise" or not is really at the bottom of my list of FDA offenses, right next to Asian-style noodles as not technically "noodles" per FDA definitions. I'm saving my pitchfork and torches for other issues.
Come on Scott, just a month ago you were complaining about living in an igloo. There's just no pleasing you, is there?
Damn right MSG doesn't cause headaches! Quit blaming your personal problems on my people's food
Nobody said I had to hit it in my fairway! Plus, I needed the challenge of getting the ball back on my hole through the trees I also played the 2nd from the 8th hole, only to learn that my 6I doesn't climb fast enough to clear the tree in front of me. I pured that 6I, too. Oh well Funniest part about that hole is the fact that I've played it many times, mostly hitting driver, and that's the farthest right I've ever hit a tee shot there. With a 5I.I hit a few trees pretty...
Please do not comment on this thread. Please comment on the original article. Thank you.
I don't. I can't afford to play golf and eat steak 
Oh right, forgot to mention that in my post. That's some kind of GameGolf error. It counted a bunch of fairways I hit on other holes in the fairway accuracy stat. I emailed them about it. It's really 38% fairways hit, which is actually still good for me. Hitting irons off the tee helped.
Thanks! I will try my best to keep the audience happy going forward 
New Posts  All Forums: