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Welcome to TST! More guys from NJ, awesome!
I started a draft that pretty much said this. In golf, the golfer is theoretically capable of accounting for all the possible variables, so if he makes a mistake, it's on him. People try to think their way through a golf shot and forget that there's an athletic component involved.I also think a lot has to do with the emphasis on the mental game and course management, too. People believe they can think their way through this game because that's what they've been taught over...
@iacas I know you've mentioned in the past that the driver swing is slightly different than the iron swing, but is that something a person should be actively working on?
Again, nobody is advocating being stupid. Hitting it longer while bringing trouble into play would be stupid. If you have a hole where hitting it 20 yards farther really does bring a lot of trouble into play, I don't think anyone here will recommend doing that. But if the hole is wide open, that 20 extra yards (even in the rough) is worth a lot more to your score in the long run than being in the fairway.There are numerous ways a golfer can manipulate their shots. It's not...
Well obviously, you'll score better if you stay out of the woods. Swinging harder really isn't the topic of the thread, though.Plus, it's been pointed out earlier that this is more of a general statement. Individual golfers' needs and skills differ, so it's impossible to apply it that way. We could come up with individual examples that support and contradict this until the cows come home and we'd get nowhere.
We do a lot of driving from one location to another. Every now and then, I'm forced to listen to Richard Spencer. It's good that I sleep easily seated upright.
I disagree. The rough on most courses I play isn't very penal and I have a much better chance at making GIR by being closer to the hole. Most of my GIR do not come after a fairway hit. My fairways % has little to no correlation to scoring well. If you want to talk about accuracy, why would you pick a stat like fairway % anyway? GIR or distance from the pin would be a better indicator of one's accuracy than how many fairways you hit. Too many variables involved for fairway...
Provided you don't ground the club.
Wow, I could play a lot of golf for that amount of money...
I'm with Phil on this one, @FireDragon76. You can't just try one swing method or another to see if it works for you. You're doing those methods and yourself a great disservice. In all likelihood, you're swinging the club the exact same way you've always been swinging, just thinking about doing things differently each time. In order to make tangible changes to your swing, you have to make a concerted effort to change. That takes time and practice.
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