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It's gotta be the dimples...
In regards to Charleston, COAST is fantastic.  It is north of Calhoun Street but definitely worth finding.  Pearlz Oyster Bar on E. Bay is really good and they usually have Happy Hour specials.  For breakfast, Hominy Grill is hard to beat.   
This becomes even stranger when compared to any other professional sport.  How would it be for a pitcher's significant other to stand between the mound and second base?  A jockey with his wife seated behind the saddle?  Again, the operative word is "profession".    
I have sampled a couple of batches of the Aberlour A'bunadh the last couple years and really enjoyed it.  Most recently, I tried the Laphroaig 10 Year Cask Strength.  It is almost like drinking a campfire doused in honey...      
Great pics.  PGA West looks to be in immaculate condition.  It is always interesting to see the varied compositions of the tour players' bags.
Howdy!  I am a soil scientist for an environmental consulting firm and I really dig golf courses.  Sort of a dirty joke there. 
RTJ Grand National-Lake Course #3       RTJ Grand National-Lake Course #5
I will gladly and willingly participate.
I like #4, as well. I find that concentrating upon the muscles that are engaged in each position of the swing and holding those static positions is quite beneficial to me.
With the all the rain that has fallen throughout the year in East Tennessee have course conditions ever been better in the time you have been playing golf?  In many years by this point in the summer fairways are crisp and greens are baked out.  How have you taken advantage of the lush grass and relatively mild weather? 
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