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For the best grip I like the "Black Widow Tour", set to tour firm (this spike has 2 settings, tour firm or tour comfort) or the "Cyclone Ice" (both from Softspikes) or if you can wear metal spikes on your course take a look at the Champ made spike called "Pro Stinger" only thing scarier looking than that is the bottom of Tommy Armour III's golf shoes. 
Good to meet everyone.  I'm retired from the Navy and doing my retirement "dream job" working as the locker room supervisor at an upscale golf course.
I use lexol leather cleaner and lexol conditioner for general cleaning.  For black scuff marks on the white uppers you can get that out by scrubbing with oxyclean (I use that oxyclean spray bottle with the red top) and a hard bristle brush.  For the very severe black scuff marks I use a little dab of deglazer (available at Country Club Supplies or Tri C Duffy's) on a rag.   Polishing, I use the white meltonian cream, applied with a no. 5 ink brush.  Always apply thin...
New Posts  All Forums: