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  My excuse is the REASON that has been published by others, not me... so I am only trying to report what I have read elsewhere:   http://kotaku.com/5980708/at-last-tiger-woods-pga-tour-14-brings-sudden-death-to-life   As far as simulation mode being requested, EA Tiberon says it directly at the beginning of this article:   http://www.easports.com/tiger-woods/news/article/simulation-difficulty-blog   This quote is from a poster at OS Golf forum, where they have been...
If enough people request them to go in this direction, there is a good chance they will. The current dev team is very responsive to what the fans request. The sim difficulty is because the fans requested it, and they will be changing the camera on puts on this edition in the patch because that is what the feedback from the fans was asking for.   Me personally, I'd want them to keep the current play off as they have implemented it now, but also add head to head if the...
They have the license to use the leader board, and any names that have appeared there.
  Again because of licensing issues, they never had a play off until this year because they couldn't figure out how to implement it. If you are tied with a golfer they don't have the license for, there is no way they can have you play against him. So the solution they worked out was to have you play each hole and then sim the score of your opponent.   If you are waiting for a version where you can play against any golfer from the PGA Tour who you happened to be tied with,...
  Yes, it varies on the tournament you are playing. So the US Open goes for a full round of 18 holes. You learn the score of your opponent after you play each hole.
  The PGA license covers the PGA brand, and that's all it covers. Licenses then have to be arranged with each individual course, each individual tournament, and each individual golfer. Each license costs money and adds to the budget, and furthermore each course license requires EA to upgrade the course each year. So no, unlike baseball or football, a golf video game cannot have all the courses and all the players as part of their contract. Some courses do not want to be...
  They added a simulation difficulty level which is supposed to be both more challenging and more immersive.
  They have added the ability to play with 24 other golfers on a live tournament with ball arcs to address this issue. Career mode is a little more difficult to make feel alive, though they added more stats as you play the round showing what the other AI golfers are doing to make it come more to life.
With the next gen of consoles about to occur, I am sure the galleries will be one of the things they will address. That and presentation have been held back by the limited capacity of the current generation. I have heard that many developers now say they are at the limits already, so the new gen is happening at just the right time.
Re Mickelson not in the game: he didn't want to be, or he asked for too large a fee. That's basically the reason he has never been in it.
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