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What do y'all think of these?   http://www.campusretro.com/collections/frontpage/products/team-usa-tour-visor  
Campus Retro USA tour visors are $12 today w/free shipping.  Use code CYBERMONDAY http://www.campusret...-usa-tour-visor
This blog has pretty much every tall visor I've ever seen! http://tourvisorgasm.tumblr.com/
Sure did, even though my guy lost.
Can you not change a setting so it is never clicked automatically?
Newbie here.  The auto post to facebook feature is annoying.  How do turn it off?   Thanks!
The yellow ones remind me of the driving range.
I like this one: http://www.campusretro.com/collections/frontpage/products/team-usa-tour-visor
Just found this forum, thought I'd give it a shot!
New Posts  All Forums: