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I looked up the offer at Dick's and you have to download a form and send in proof of purchase receipts. I play the B330RX but I usually buy them on the bay for approximately $25 a dozen so I have a hard time paying $44.95 a dozen just to get a free jacket. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
So if I spend $89.90 + tax for 2 dozen B330 golf balls and send in the necessary receipts etc I can get a "free" jacket?
Yes that's mine.
I watch the LPGA whenever they are televised. I've learned to record it so I can skip through the commercials. It seems like they have one about every 3 minutes.
Here's what it will look like.
Thank God I had it recorded and could fast forward through those repetitive Mexico City commercials. I also had to turn the sound off after hearing about Christina Kim's depression every 2 minutes!
I bought a brand new Ping Karsten TR Zing with the starshot finish off eBay for $100 shipped. I have several Ping putters and didn't have a Zing. I like it a lot!
Lately I just can't seem to get any tempo in my swing and find myself swinging really fast which results in poor shot and contact. Anyone have a drill that they use to create a keep a nice tempo throughout the round?
I bought a SC Newport 2 Select at the beginning of summer but keep putting my Ping Redwood Anser back in the bag. BTW I've gone back to Ping PP58 midsize grips from Superstroke 2.0 and seem to be rolling the ball better. I guess I just like the feel if the pistol grip more.
I'm 67 and was having problems with my hands cramping after a round. I went with these grips and it completely stopped this from happening. Great grips IMO.
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