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Lately I just can't seem to get any tempo in my swing and find myself swinging really fast which results in poor shot and contact. Anyone have a drill that they use to create a keep a nice tempo throughout the round?
I bought a SC Newport 2 Select at the beginning of summer but keep putting my Ping Redwood Anser back in the bag. BTW I've gone back to Ping PP58 midsize grips from Superstroke 2.0 and seem to be rolling the ball better. I guess I just like the feel if the pistol grip more.
I'm 67 and was having problems with my hands cramping after a round. I went with these grips and it completely stopped this from happening. Great grips IMO.
Playing with guys that are around your handicap and at a good pace.
That's pretty nice. Is this something that you signed up for?
Well I think I'm going to put some glue on the washer so it stays on the end of the adapter as I insert it into the hosel. Once the shaft is in the hosel I can attach the screw through the outside of the head and I should be good to go. You're probably right about the washer being part of the torque process. Thanks for the replies.
On a side note I now seem to have an avatar that I didn't create?
It's a TM Stage 2 driver. I think that the o-ring (actually a flat rubber washer) just keeps the adjustment screw from falling out and getting lost during the adjustment but I could be wrong.
I removed the adjustment screw from the head so I could send the head in for painting. I was wondering if anyone could give some advice on how to reinstall the screw in the head with the o-ring attached to the screw from inside the hosel. Also is the o-ring even necessary or will deleting it cause a rattle or vibration in the shaft.
Take 2 weeks off then quit! Seriously I'm in the same boat. I was consistently shooting in the mid 80's and now I'm shooting in the high 90's. The only part of my game still in tact is my putting.
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