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Is anyone using the High Launch Taylormade driver? I would like some feedback please. I have the High Launch 17 degree fairway wood and love it. Thanks-
More jerks on this Big Break than seasons past! Not really feeling the show this year but I'll probably watch to root some people off.
My wife gave me a very nice 1947 half dollar for my birthday and I use it as my ball marker. Why 1947, that's the year I was born.
I bought a Taylormade HL 17 degree fairway wood and took out the 15 degree 3 wood. I seem to get just as much distance with the 17 degree as I did with the 15 and I hit it much straighter.
Dick's has the TF Gamer V2 and Gamer Tour on their website.
I'm 6'3 and play Ping irons that were fitted for me. They are 2 upright and a 1/2 inch over standard. My 3 wedges are Vokey standard length. I hit my irons alittle left so I think I should have gone with 1 degree upright.
I was playing with a group of older gentlemen. As we were coming off the green of around the 5th hole one of the guys asked me, "how much do you think that flag stick weighs?" I answered, "I really don't know, why?" and he replied, "it must be pretty damn heavy because you haven't picked it up all day!" I laughed and made sure that I started picking it up on some of the remaining holes.
Talk about slow play!
I picked up 3 dozen on eBay today for $39.99. I have afew other balls that I want to use up first but I'm anxious to give them a whack.
Is there much difference? I'm having a hard time finding the newer version for less than $20 a dozen.
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