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I used to live in HMB back when there was only 1 course and the Ritz Carlton wasn't there. The Old Course is a very good test of golf and I would highly recommend it. Pasatiempo is great but DeLaVega is also a nice course in Santa Cruz. Harding Park is hard to get on unless you are a SF resident. It's about the most private public course I've ever played. Lots of great golf in Northern California. You won't be disappointed.
I tried golfing after smoking but I found it took me way to long to putt.
I looked up the offer at Dick's and you have to download a form and send in proof of purchase receipts. I play the B330RX but I usually buy them on the bay for approximately $25 a dozen so I have a hard time paying $44.95 a dozen just to get a free jacket. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
So if I spend $89.90 + tax for 2 dozen B330 golf balls and send in the necessary receipts etc I can get a "free" jacket?
Yes that's mine.
I watch the LPGA whenever they are televised. I've learned to record it so I can skip through the commercials. It seems like they have one about every 3 minutes.
Here's what it will look like.
Thank God I had it recorded and could fast forward through those repetitive Mexico City commercials. I also had to turn the sound off after hearing about Christina Kim's depression every 2 minutes!
I bought a brand new Ping Karsten TR Zing with the starshot finish off eBay for $100 shipped. I have several Ping putters and didn't have a Zing. I like it a lot!
Lately I just can't seem to get any tempo in my swing and find myself swinging really fast which results in poor shot and contact. Anyone have a drill that they use to create a keep a nice tempo throughout the round?
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