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That's pretty nice. Is this something that you signed up for?
Well I think I'm going to put some glue on the washer so it stays on the end of the adapter as I insert it into the hosel. Once the shaft is in the hosel I can attach the screw through the outside of the head and I should be good to go. You're probably right about the washer being part of the torque process. Thanks for the replies.
On a side note I now seem to have an avatar that I didn't create?
It's a TM Stage 2 driver. I think that the o-ring (actually a flat rubber washer) just keeps the adjustment screw from falling out and getting lost during the adjustment but I could be wrong.
I removed the adjustment screw from the head so I could send the head in for painting. I was wondering if anyone could give some advice on how to reinstall the screw in the head with the o-ring attached to the screw from inside the hosel. Also is the o-ring even necessary or will deleting it cause a rattle or vibration in the shaft.
Take 2 weeks off then quit! Seriously I'm in the same boat. I was consistently shooting in the mid 80's and now I'm shooting in the high 90's. The only part of my game still in tact is my putting.
It affects me. I play at a course that doesn't have a driving range so I spend a little time chipping and putting before I tee off. If I take a double bogey on the first hole I keep thing about how I'm going to get those strokes back on the next few holes.
I recently bought a SC Newport 2 Select. After using it now for a few rounds I don't roll the ball any better than I do with my Ping Redwood Anser 303ss. I realized that I just bought a SC version of the Ping Anser putter. Live and learn.
I carry 3 - 4 - 5 Ping G15 hybrids and love them. I use the 20 degree 3 hybrid more often that my HL 3 wood.
I hit the mini at a demo day and really liked it. I bought one and can't hit it worth a darn. I'm going to sell it because it doesn't really fit my game. 14 loft with a regular flex shaft.
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