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I have been getting out about twice a week still, in Wareham and Marion Mass. I hope it lasts a while!
Great thread, thanks for sharing.
One day I will have to take the short trip to get this done. For now I am happy with my fitting at dicks in Plymouth. Thanks for sharing your experience, good luck with your new set!
Hi Ryan, I'm new here also and am from southern mass. Welcome!
I have been reading here for a while and finally made an account. I am new to golf only playing once a year for the last 10 years. (28 now) I played a couple weeks ago and something changed, it was far more enjoyable and I had patience that I never had before! I am hooked and starting to play now. I am going out today with some new clubs and I can't wait. Thanks for having me and I hope to be able to contribute around here.
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