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 I actually lost two in my last round. Something I don't usually do but my swing was so bad I was lucky it was only two.
Not much to talk about. Par 5 double dogleg hit the driver right down the middle, hit the second with a beautiful fade around a hazard. Had less than 70 yards to the pin and hit a shank into the hazard.    
I stop playing in tournaments two years ago and therefore no longer need a handicap. When I played at my best I was a mid single digit with a low of 5.0. 
 The good, the bad, and the ugly. 
If you want to play blades don't go full set, just get 7-GW. Shooting in the seventies you must be a fairly good ball striker but I would not go full set because as they progress to the 3 iron they get harder to manage. Do not get an old set say circa 1950/60's as they are like butter knives. The modern blades is much easier to play. The main difference between blades and CB's is forgiveness. 
 Lowest on a par 70 is 69 lowest on a par 72 is 70. Tournament lowest 75. 
 I don't know how Sonders interacts with people but Gulbis from everything I have heard is just outstanding with people. Looks wise I think Sonders is the winner, but overall I think I would take Natalie Gulbis simply because she seems more like a real person and Holly seems a bit still. To me hot not only means looks it means the whole person.  
 Wow that is a tough one. about the only thing you can do is tell him. The problem is now he is going to be rushing and it will affect his game. Perhaps you could tell him you need to finish in around three hours because of an appointment. Then see how it goes. Playing faster might even help him.  
Slow play= the group in front of you does not keep up with the foursome in front of them. Or any round over four hours. 
 Many of today's balls are very soft and when you play a "normal" ball it feels harder. My experience with the  Pro V1 is that it is not hard. When I play the soft golf balls most feel like marshmallows though. 
New Posts  All Forums: