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I would not advise AP2 heads to anyone over 8*9 hcp. I even feel they are more for 3-4 hcp max with big hits.   you can still play them and fell ok but scoring will be impacted.
women have played mens event. courses are longer though. Have you seen many men make it on tour with 230 yard drives ? I've played volley ball with women who are much better than me yet having a net at 2,43 meters is different from 2,20 meters high.
a male scratch golfer doesn't play par often, and event less under par.   he is a scratch golfer because of the handicapping system.   girls on the LPGA play negative scores.   so they will kick his arse.   look at evian in my country. I dont beleive a scratch golfer can play near par on that course.
I play one ball for 2-3 rounds about but then it's gets so scatted by wedging that it picks up dirt constantly and it's a pain to clean for putting.   Nevertheless I may loose 3 balls in one round as well. générally I have 3 balls at least plus 3 new ones only for putting (I love to train with new balls I never hit).. At worst I'll take one of those if needed.   Then I also have 6 balls for short game practice but they are very used. some show the yellow second layer....
I've seen it.   pretty good !
who cares about a drug test really ?   we love drugs and performances anyway, to prouve it we love results in sport and 99% of the best results have drugs in them.   and everybody who needs drugs use them but dont get the fault. cyclisme is the number one?. darts probably number two.   by the way you could get positive on a drug test for certain substances concerning illness in one country but not the next. yet some guy will say he is druged he played in that country...
got one par 3 of 130 meters to the top of the green, thats about 143 yards so yes it's a 9 iron or PW.   the thing is on a hill, hopefully you find a 9 foot deep bunker if on the side or else balle is lost in shrubs. there is and a huge break before the back. we have about 5 yards to find the plateau or we come back to the front and have 3 putts.   we have 2x220 yards par 3 that on average I score better
I would be really sad If woods isn't able to be competitive again.   He's the switch that helped me discover golf and I thank him for that because I love the game and love my life much more now that I have this game.   I thank him for much much more as well, like all those captivating tour times watching him play win or loose.   So I hope he doesn't wish to retire and continues even to the seniors tour in a long time.
if the camera is a big zoom from far away could a tee shot pass in front and seem to be played  close to the green ?
yeah it's airplane. 2nd degree all that sorry if shocked.   "they new the risks, the took them, I say let m crash".
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