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I cant even really live in a country where people carry weapons.   Cant beleive how many dead there are in the US by firearm. probably beats drugs and alcoohol.
If I am not mistaken you cant apply this certainty to a bunker, only a water hazard or ground under repair. the holes could have captured your ball I understand but certainty may not apply since it's possible your ball pluged unvisible in the sand (happened ot me twice altough a short wedge finiched clearly in the sand I never found the ball). the holes could have applied thought if around them it's obvious rou could not lose the balle elsewhere (say in a FW area or a very...
surprisingly big distances are achievable at almost all ages and physical condition.   HOW ? It's a pure technical issue I beleive. and maybe easy material too.   today I hit my 8 iron 150m that 165 yards, easy, just pure. my 6 goes 170m thats about 187yards.    after 2,5 years of rewinding my swing with a pro about 1 lesson every 3 months I got huge distance improvement I never thought could be achieved. It came all by itself with clean contact, better positions...
I play mizuno mx25. I hit it long and easy with these clubs. (170m out my 6 iron on a good shot for example).   my ap2 are in a closet as they are too demanding. I keep them for when I will have a better technique.   I do notice many players getting bad result out of average hits because they have demanding clubs.
3 majors are not allways on the same course it's a matter of time.   Sergio cant win a major he putts awfull and has a really bad mental yet a great swing and touch. too bad. maybe by accident he will win one someday.   even for all the rest winning a major is having an exceptionnal game at the right moment.
I dont understand much.   Koweit was a part of Irak pretty much before whities design borders after WW, anyway hussein takes it back and US goes to war for that, or saying weapons of mass destruction are there but finally there is nothing everyone agrees but we still dont know why these missing weapons of mass destruction were invented to justify war ?!?. Anyway oil goes way up so major producers like the US are happy in a way maybe, so are orther countries of the...
I leaned a lot and It helped me focus. I also focus every round on improving my stats. It' a great incentive.   A few points :   - that stroke average is way higher than expected. good round are rare but high ones are not and it takes months to get back a few strokes.   - I learned a lot on the short game. example very few up and downs from pitching or sand play, a lot on small chips. yet in the short game globally a certain percentage doesn't even finish on the...
I buy used stuff. my irons cost 200 euros and got a set of AP2 for 250 for when I will play good enough.   For me 6-8 hundred is way too much for a set of irons. but thats the price of new/fit material.
Rory is a huge driver of the ball I find. He playes long iron shots great too. his overall game is good too. nothing is wrong.   I find him less spectacular than otthers,, often going middle of green and waiting for putts to fall like in the US open final round he won 2-3 years ago.   anyway I'm not sure tiger was as precise before 26.
75 (+3) second week straight. very happy.   started with 4 bogeys (2x3putts, one recovey, one green flyed).   I played the next 14 holes with 3 birdies and two bogeys.   pared the first 220 yard par 3 (N°6) and birdied the second (N°13). helps.. these are really bogey holes. I almost pared the 7th a 480 yard par4.
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