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ok but for what 275 k americans they are biggest cO2 polluters on the planet and refused quatas in kyoto I believe.   so what next ?
in france if you hit towards the range kart he will kill you.
we used to have it in France nevertheless army has become fully professional since about 20 years now.   I'm glad in a way since these kind of stories dont happen anymore nevertheless people are much less respectful of the nation and have a poorer global education and respect of authority.
I dont get your range pro.   If the cart is in range you should not hit balls and choose a different club or wait doing routines etc.
no the rule mentions your line of putt, and of course you should repair spike marks and fresh pitches.   personally i repairs divots on my walking line and more and when I'm waiting for players (many divots are not replaced and one that are of after not compressed as soon as a mower goes by the divot flys off).   you can actually repair spike marks that are not on your line. then you ca repair marks on you line after having putted that line.   you see pro player do...
I would invite them through quickly as they are faster and no one is in front of me (or I haven't kept the pace with the players in front witch can happen on a 4 ball behind several two balls and followed by a fast 2-3 ball, this is rare, normally there is a 4 ball somewhere pacing the play on the whole course).   Concerning the fact they hit on me, I would wait to talk immediately and eventually make them eat my SW.   I find very good thought that since no one was...
I see zach, h'es such a steady player.
he says that because it's an easy bailout versus admitting the neighboors hot wife would'nt want him anyway.
Yeah, some people event take a huge engine car, smoke the whole world to go park in front of the golf, play, and go home. all this time they particpate in one the world most active killing pollution machines (fossil fuel engines). the guy who smokes burns leaves. pollution zéro.
and claping poor shots is band aid a sponsor ?
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