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were are all going to die !   that's the only certain thing.
SC newport 1,5 for 5 years about so.   I actually tried a 2,0 and loved it, but got my internet purchase wrong.    anyway, great putter, not forgiving at all, but very nice touch.   average just above 30 putts per round, just under 2 putts per GIR.     I very often receive very positive remarks on my putting "could you putt this for me ?", "I wish I could putt like you" "obviously YOU would make this one" etc., but dont know if its because my swing is that bad to...
A ball on the course is on the course.   It may fly over OB, roll on it etc.   only if the ball is entirely out of the line is it OB.   Look in the club rules however if the OB is for a certain hole. This happens sometime for security reasons etc.
I dont beleive there is a standard width for tee boxes. so you could have full width.   however I'm familiar with your situation ? If the tees are mouved then they putt in a place you should play from not ?
I'm impressed by the carry on drives. Dont know if TV stats are correct but 260m (280 yards) of carry I just dont understand. the overall distance isn't that impressive (even if they are very very long), it's really the carry that I find huge.   Also long iron shots are huge, 220y with a 5 iron...   It's hot now (and I've improved a lot) I hit 9 iron around 140 meters easy (150+ yards) and 7 iron goes 165ish+ (180 yards about) but can't be as productive on regular...
cant blame Bubba, beatles are history.   It's like if you would ask a european tour player to know the brady bunch
I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha driver!   Tiger Woods +1 Chris woods +2 Gary Woodsland, +3  
hardly ever although physique is a very common excuse for foul gaming abilities. it's a good industry booster too.
  +1. I could add that a player coming back should not be perceived as a mistake. He could have played a provisional but found his ball unplayable with no other drop option than playing over the shot. Also balls get lost even by surprise even on the fairway (plug). It's not always obvious to play a provisional.
I play nxt balls, mostly refurbished ones, tried the tour S version last year. didn't see a difference.   I like the nxt because I can't regularly compress a proviwan. Only play about 175yards with 7iron.
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