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if the camera is a big zoom from far away could a tee shot pass in front and seem to be played  close to the green ?
yeah it's airplane. 2nd degree all that sorry if shocked.   "they new the risks, the took them, I say let m crash".
what a shame, no sex involved.   I mean the guy new the risks, he takes them, probably, someone paying his retiremet plan and all that.   I say let him drown  
will try more range pro sessions hopefully 1 every month.   had about 3-4 for the last two years to start over from a very odd swing.   it took a long time but I'm really playing a lot less bad shots and the bad ones are much better shots as well. good shots are getting excellent sometimes yet erasing the bad ones is the best progress in my game as of now.   scoring average is going down slowly but good rounds are getting repetitive since the last 3 months.   the...
I have a complicated routine I took 7 years of golf to get to this point.   I have one or two new tees in my right pocket for the driver. simple wooden tees. They rarely break unless a miss hit. very practical for cleaning grooves too.   for the rest of clubs I pick up a broken part of a tee anywhere and keep this bit or two for the rest of the course.   I have a ball and a tee in my right hand while waiting for my turn to play. I push on the ball for the tee to get...
too much makeup, very superficial look.
1) A chip in for eagle. downhill lie in the rough, flag at 15 yards about, 3 yards of downhill break. à huge string of roll and break finishing smack in the middle of the cup.   A 550 yard par 5 at bezier south of france, the first hole. huge drive with the wind i'm practically in the corner (usually cut with second shot). from about 250 yards i play a 19° hybride that really feels compressed and is drawed straight. I dont know if I pitched the green, before or after yet...
dont like new MCND grips.   they are very firm for high swing speeds I beleive.   had them a while on my mizuno irons and had matched my hockey wedges to that.   I changed recently for standard 0,580 on 0,600 shafts tour velvet grips. i copied my vokey mount.   after changing my 56° sand wedge for grooves I found that the standard grip on it was absolutely perfect in size and great in feel.    they are soft on hard hits or agressive chips and grip well. I wash...
lennon. because way too strange.
tiger seams p.ssed off, I dont understand why ?
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