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having two OB and your swing on camera makes it look like you can't really be consistent. However shooting 82 despite all that makes it sound you have a very strong game. If you really can make it work for you like that congrats. Although everybody can benefit from some lessons so I guess you would too. You might lose some distance though :) Amazing thread hehe good luck
As long as it promotes golf it's cool
Do you mean not fully stretching the arms at around impact?
Yeah because white is the balls natural color.
I dont get that much unsolicited advice to be honest. I might be the one giving it if I think about it. But only to friends, and only as a suggestion. And only the really basic stuff like ball flight laws etc. But I think a lot of people would benefit if there was more unsolicited advice, just as long as it's correct :) You don't have to be a teacher to explain some basic concepts of golf, but just stick to what you know. it would be good if the game of golf got discussed...
I may be biased because I work at a large gps navigation company, but I have doubts about the apple watch usefulness in the course. A dedicated device is less expensive and more accurate. What will you guys be using it for?
Cool, thanks guys. Looking in the book i now remember the part about mapping your gaps. Gonna look into this to see how this feels and if i can get a consistent 3/4 or 1/2 swing
Ok, I'll guess I'll just try and see for myself. Do we have a thread here about 1/2 and 3/4 swings or do you have any advice to link here?( it's not in the book right, at least I don't remember seeing it)
My point is I guess that I believe it to be much more difficult to dial I on those 40-75% shots. Judging distance is already pretty hard, adding the extra effort of adjusting your swing based on distance makes it even harder. A not so good player might be better off to just hit his full wedge(a full swing can be 80% btw, just what feels full swing to the player) Again Im not sure but I haven't heard a compelling argument that hitting partial shots of 100 yards would be...
What do you mean by this, I average?(English is not my native :))
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