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Somewhat, sure. But not as much as your feet would led you to believe. Those damn feet.
Ofcourse weight is never 100% on left. Where the ball is in your stance, is not determined by relation to the right foot i dont think. It can be, but it doesnt have to be. I would assume it is more to do where the ball is in relation to the upper body I dont think the position of the right foot matters that much to be honest, right?.  On a tight lie i generally open the face alot. If im on top of rought i close it. Not sure if this is the correct way, but it seems to work...
I am really enjoying this way of playing around the green. So much so i dont even try to chip anymore.   I have one question though. I think im fairly good at putting the ball where it supposed to go, however, at times the roll seems to differ substantially. Im not sure if i just judge the green badly or i have alot of fluctuation in my height of the pitch shot(i wouldnt assume so as i always use the same stance. Both feet tightly together, just in front of the ball....
I would design a putter in the Firefly Theme.   At the bottom of the club i think i would place the Firefly lettering in fire like in the intro.       At the back of the club i think it would be best to have the actual spaceship Serenity (The model is called Firefly) It looks like this.       And i would include a picture of one of the main cast members. Maybe the captain Malcolm Reynolds(Payed by Nathan Fillion) of maybe on of the female...
i think double eagle is only used in america.
i prefer the term albatross   nice shot
Yeah, unfortunately i live in Netherlands and dont have anyone to share with. When i find a new job this will be the first thing i will buy. For now it is a bit too pricey for my taste. Are there any plans to publish this via amazon or something like that?   Edit: If you look at it that way though, i might buy it. hmm, dilemma dilemma   Edit 2: haha ok i ordered it! cant wait!
Hi guys, wanted to order the book. Do you ship to europe? Netherlands specifically.
Yeah, i dont have a real good routine. I just drop 10 balls in different lies along the green and start pitching away. Then i will try to get at least 5 out of 10 up and down. If i am successful i repeat and go for 6 out of 10. That way i still have a pressure element to it.   Id love to hear some other good way of practicing short game & putting.   Also for putts. I put 10 tee's in a cirkel going outwards from the hole. This is also good, because you never have the...
a bucket of foie gras
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