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Hi guys, wanted to order the book. Do you ship to europe? Netherlands specifically.
Yeah, i dont have a real good routine. I just drop 10 balls in different lies along the green and start pitching away. Then i will try to get at least 5 out of 10 up and down. If i am successful i repeat and go for 6 out of 10. That way i still have a pressure element to it.   Id love to hear some other good way of practicing short game & putting.   Also for putts. I put 10 tee's in a cirkel going outwards from the hole. This is also good, because you never have the...
a bucket of foie gras
Ofcourse it feels very different. There is no weight. But you mean to say its impossible to reproduce the movement of a swing withouth an actual club? Would be cool to just tape it onto an old club or something. Unfortunately i do not have the room for this.
Great to hear im not alone on this. However, maybe our swings are wrong. On every reviewsite i always here how good the move controller translates your swing to the screen. Yeah, im kind of afraid for this. 
Ive bought tiger woods 14. Does anybody else have this together with the playstation movecontroller? I always seem to hit a hook. How realistic is the swing you ahve to make for the game compared to the real thing.    I just try to swing like in real life. That does not seem to work however. Am i ignorant for thinking that would be the same?
well duh, its for absolute beginners right?  Not something for bogeygolfers, just for people to play with the first few times they play an actual hole..
youll be surprised how many people have trouble with putting
If this makes it easier for people to start playing golf. Why not. I say, lets give it a try. Im not to sure if it really works though.
ah thanks, i usually dont do many excercises, i just try to perform a movement i want slow. But i will def give these a try!
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