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Thats my problem with WGT. Id rather pay 20 euros for à game then keep throwing money at it. Especially of its the only wat to get better. Shame really because it is à great game.
Hmm ill look into it. In the end im just looking for a decent sim that has a cool offline career mode. Tiger Woods has al the leagues And licenses but it doenst really have the right feel imo
Sounds cool How does it compare to The golf game? In the end i didnt even bother that one because of mediocre reviews. The course editor looka amazing though.
Igolf is stil used by other manufacturers for their database so thats not the problem have you contacted bushnell?
Somewhat, sure. But not as much as your feet would led you to believe. Those damn feet.
Ofcourse weight is never 100% on left. Where the ball is in your stance, is not determined by relation to the right foot i dont think. It can be, but it doesnt have to be. I would assume it is more to do where the ball is in relation to the upper body I dont think the position of the right foot matters that much to be honest, right?.  On a tight lie i generally open the face alot. If im on top of rought i close it. Not sure if this is the correct way, but it seems to work...
I am really enjoying this way of playing around the green. So much so i dont even try to chip anymore.   I have one question though. I think im fairly good at putting the ball where it supposed to go, however, at times the roll seems to differ substantially. Im not sure if i just judge the green badly or i have alot of fluctuation in my height of the pitch shot(i wouldnt assume so as i always use the same stance. Both feet tightly together, just in front of the ball....
I would design a putter in the Firefly Theme.   At the bottom of the club i think i would place the Firefly lettering in fire like in the intro.       At the back of the club i think it would be best to have the actual spaceship Serenity (The model is called Firefly) It looks like this.       And i would include a picture of one of the main cast members. Maybe the captain Malcolm Reynolds(Payed by Nathan Fillion) of maybe on of the female...
i think double eagle is only used in america.
i prefer the term albatross   nice shot
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