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I ace every hole when I play alone
To me al this sounds like golf had a boom right around tiger showed up and now it is steadily going back to its original market share, together with the economy it kinda makes sense to me
I always KEEP score, but not always ENTER score Here in Netherlands you declare before you start your round if this round will be a qualifying round. I usually play a qualifying round except when I mix things up like playing from front tees or other formats or whatever
Surely this must have happened at some places right?
What can anybody possibly have against protracer? Honest question..
I would say no, I know a lot of people that do this and tbh I think it's bs. If you have something that you are not good at, work on it. It's not that hard. All I see is people losing even more confidence in their swing Although I guess it's a strategy, I do not really agree with it since hitting you're driver better in the end will be a better strategy.
Clever pilot, lots of crosswinds
having two OB and your swing on camera makes it look like you can't really be consistent. However shooting 82 despite all that makes it sound you have a very strong game. If you really can make it work for you like that congrats. Although everybody can benefit from some lessons so I guess you would too. You might lose some distance though :) Amazing thread hehe good luck
As long as it promotes golf it's cool
Do you mean not fully stretching the arms at around impact?
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