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Yes, Al Davis was part of the AFL/NFL merger, but he was shrewd, arrogant and shady back then. He had all kinds of back door deals back then and when he moved the Raiders up and down California. Very untrust worthy. Now I don't wish that upon anyone. I just don't idolise him like his myopic following. He did help the San Diego Charger franchise and ownership with the purchase and persoNelson in the 70's and 80's. Inpartial or indifferent, the man changed the NFL and has...
I have struggled with this part myself. I tend to fly open like I'm pulling a shot to left field. It's either a strait pull or a nasty hook.     Since day one!    
I absolutely like Tifosi sunglasses. I saw them mentioned here a few years back and thought I would try them since they are so inexpensive. I feel in love with the Golf/Tennis lenses. So much so, I had a pair made into my prescriptions sun glasses. I wear them all the time outdoors and living in Arizona we get a bit of Sun. For the price, I don't feel any glasses I've over paid for over the years has comes close to what you get.
I think its great! I hope he pulls it off.
WOW....Some people are so sensitive. Tiger answered the questions short and to the point and he's being rude? It's rude to interrupt him in that moment while he's still involved in a Tournament. Back off the guy and wait till its completely over. If you expect anything more, than you need to go cry to your mommy and tell her he's being rude. caniac6 & Slim, You didn't offend us Americans. You felt one guy is rude and that's fine. I don't care if you think he's rude. He...
Yes and No..... My Ogio bag has Nike woods (Driver, 3W 3H), Mizuno irons (3-pw), Cleveland wedges (GW, SW LW) and a Never Compromise putter. Oh, I wear a Titleist hat but no longer use Titleist clubs or balls. I did use Titleist products at one time but my favorite hat is a Titleist cool max hat that fits so perfect I can not use it! I have some other Mizuno and other name brand hats, they just don't fit right or they are regular material that doesn't breath as well....
    In response to this; He contacted me immediately and I was informed of shipment and delivery date. It shipped the day he said and arrived a day early.   I've only used it in the back yard with some practice swings. I will be taking it to practice this Sunday. It does feel a bit awkward but it's a training aide.
As I was reading this thread last night, I heard his name said on the TV. I had the Golf channel on and they just happened to have an episode with Sean Foley with tips for Low, medium and high handicappers. So I sat and watched as they discussed the DVD coming out (thinking it's been delayed..blah blah) and all his tips. He had good tips for all handicaps but it wasn't anything I haven't already read or heard! Especially after reading Mike and Andy's "stack and tilt"...
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My wife. "Overstock.com has good prices".
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