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Besides Brandt's no nonsense great swing, players can also learn a lot from his pace of play.  Not only between shots but also when he gets over a shot.  I see too many amateurs get lined up and stand over a shot for way too long.  I can just imagine all the swing thoughts going on in their heads.  Do your thinking behind the ball and they line up and swing.  One swing thought during a swing is ok... 10 is not.  Just my opinion.
Totally agree Dave H.  I've been trying to explain this concept to my family for years but they just don't get it.  If you are getting a refund you are basically giving the gov't an interest free loan.  
I also play on the Golfweek amateur tour.  I've played on the memphis/N. Miss. tour for the last 2 years and have nothing but great things to say about it.  I just got back from our tour championship in Hilton Head Island, SC.  If anyone has any questions about this tour i'd be happy to help you out.  Just send me a PM and i'll find your answer for you.
I personally would like the governing bodies to focus on other rules that are (in my humble opinion) bad for the game.  One example is grazing a blade of grass or leaf while in a hazard.  Another one is when a ball oscillates slightly when you have addressed it on the green or in the fairway.  These are just 2 examples that in no way improves your lie or stroke but is a penalty under the current rules.  As for the topic though I personally do not like the anchored...
Hi All,  I just found this forum and this group.  I live in Arlington, TN and usually play at Stonebridge, Quail Ridge, and Glen Eagle golf courses.  I'm usually available to play Mon-Thurs.  
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