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Just picked up a 910 FD with a real Diamana ilana shaft on it for 150 bucks.  Shaft alone is more than double that :)
Played with a guy who had one and was able to give it a rip.  Didn't like the shaft that was on it and it was a bit light so can't give a good review of it.  It sounded better than the r11 and burners and seem to hit the ball pretty far.
Here is another one that I am buying.   I like this track.  San Juan Hills   http://www.groupgolfer.com/deals.php?id=1002288
yea.  im thinking it is due to a wrist hinging problem and too far inside takeaway.. but then again im thinking about it too much ahah.
Hopefully i can cure my random case of the shanks by then.  I am scared to even swing a club right now ahah.
how about that thursday? the 6th
Takes a long time and a lot of work.  After my lessons i drill the new swing moves until i am blue in the face.   In the living room, on the range, you name it.  The more you do it the faster you will adapt to it.   I honestly think the best thing that has worked for me is swinging about 100 times a night just in my living room. 
Vokeys are always great.   I actually have the Taylor made xFT wedges.  I absolutely love them.  They have a thin top line so look great at address, not to mention they play amazing.   I have a 50, 54 and 60 in them.  My 50 I just picked up in great shape used at roger dunn for 30 bucks.  They also have a changeable face on them.   These are...
Nice.  Lets hit the range Tonight.
When you start rolling your wrist on the takeaway you tend to get a too inside of a backswing which can lead to all sorts of problems with your swing plane such as coming over the top which can lead to bad pulls or a slice.   Practice some takeaway drills to quiet your hands.  LIke Desmond said the wrist are only supposed to hinge up and not back.     Here are a few drills that will...
New Posts  All Forums: