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When do you guys need a definite answer for booking by? As trying to work out the finances first. Thanks
sounds good thanks
Yea just joined with Shawn, have not played a game yet but should be cool.  Keep me posted on the round for the 16th, will try get on TST more often and reply sooner. Thanks
Recently joined TST and looking to play. Shawn from Socal Golf League referred to me to this thread mentioning the 16th Dec at Milesquare. Have any more openings for this date?
Have you got some more information on that league you mentioned. Will check online but if you had other info for it that would be cool. Definitely interested.   Thanks man.
Hey man I would be interested in joining some form of league. As long as it consists of guys out there to golf and not a bunch of loud and arrogant people. Tend to be paired up with those types when i go out as a single, so would be cool if could play with a group of solid guys on a weekly basis.   Let me know if you got any other information.   Thanks Craig
New Posts  All Forums: