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I saw all I needed to see only 2 years ago. And what I saw at Augusta a few weeks ago looked pretty encouraging, too. I think the doldrums are over. He'll go on a winning streak again, and soon. Sunday afternoon is as good a time as any.
  This tournament has Tiger's name all over it. I think we are are about to see the next phase of Tiger's career begin this weekend.
 Dang it. I'll keep quiet in that case.
 Tiger looks like he could go on a charge. It looks like he's playing really well this morning. I'm just hoping that he can string something together and leave himself well placed if he manages to go really low on Saturday.
This has the makings of something great. A sports story of the decade.   Tiger doesn't have to play. He made it clear he'd come back only when he was good and ready. The 66 worst ball score suggests he's good and ready. He isn't showing up to miss the cut. If his game was still off he could wait and come back at the British or whenever he chose. Neither is he showing up to be an also-ran.   He's gonna win this thing.
 - Phil Mickelson going into Augusta in great form.Maybe a perfectly respectable four rounds in the offing, nothing more than that. - Jordan Spieth playing his best golf thus far of his career and a chance to really take over as the face of golf in America.See above. - Rory McIlroy going for the Career Grand Slam and 3rd major in a row.Tries too hard, gets frustrated, bad things will happen; misses cut or utterly anonymous by Saturday afternoon. - Bubba playing well and...
Understood - sorry, I don't know how the system works. My 14 handicap is unlikely to ever trouble anything beyond a Wednesday afternoon scramble!
Not really interested in cyber-stalking a stranger to work out his golf handicap. Sometimes internet forums can be very judgmental. Some might say that "Vanity handicapper" isn't a million miles away from "Bull*****er." If he can play to his handicap, I hope he does next time he plays in a qualifier.
This from two years ago: http://thesandtrap.com/t/146/whatd-you-shoot-today/9468#post_758294   Sorry, you were asking him for scores, so I looked to see if he had mentioned any here.   Not bad for a course of that quality?
  100% agree.   I have zero interest in sentimental "tradition." Golf thrives as a modern game.   Show me any British or European course that has features comparable to, say, the Bear Trap at PGA National. Tradition doesn't validate a boring ill-kept track laid down in the 19th century with only the crappy weather to add interest.   On a different but similar theme. I think there's a strong argument that winning the [non-major] Player's Championship is a significantly...
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