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We took a little trip last weekend to this immensely fun and challenging little course in Lake City, FL, The Country Club at Lake City.     Anyone who has ever been down I-75 in N. FL area has probably seen this sign before:     That sign sits on #16, a reachable par 5( only one on the course for sub 340 yard hitters )   This course features surprisingly numerous changes in elevation, curves, split fairways, and VERY strategically places bunkers and...
Provided the wind's now howling, and a center pin, a smooth AW
I BROKE 80!!!  First time ever.  Shot a 75 at that.  
I had a 54 hole weekend culminating in tying my personal best today in the points game, resulting in quite a few free beers from the nassau cart bet, and a few bucks for being +9 on my points.      I've never broken 80, and this will be about the 10th time I have shot 80.  If only I didn't have trouble getting out of a bunker on 9..
Going back and analyzing my round Sunday, I think the change in driver loft and shaft I made appears to have been a good one.  I was using a TM burner TP 10.5 with a 56 gram fujikura shaft on it.  While I was pretty consistent with it, I think it may have been a bit light, resulting in some high flight with soft landings and little roll.  I was ending up with around 245-260 yards with it on a flushed shot, while hitting my 3-wood about 240.  Also, the face was a slight...
Shot 43/39 on my little 69.1/116 6148 yard home course today.  Birdied the number one handicap hole, a 425 yard par 4 with water in front of the green, and I got home with driver-8iron.     Beautiful day. 
On cars that have aluminum fenders for weight savings/distribution, is it possible to fix creases/dents on those or is it panel replacement time?
Out of the numerous courses in Tallahassee FL, the one in a perpetual state of disrepair is Summerbrooke.  Its layout has potential to be the best track in the entire area, but some investor type bought it with intentions to flip it, a deal fell through, and it just died.  They have lost their greens at least three times in the last few years to Nematodes, which are quite preventable, but they were too cheap to treat.     The 10 dollar a round Muni course is in...
Signal hill in Panama City is kind of the Canadian retiree cheaper course on Thomas Drive.  Easy but the condition can be iffy.  Probably the easiest full length course in Panama City.  A few holes can be trying if you slice it bad since they run alongside a busy street http://www.signalhillgolfcourse.com/   Bay point is a Nicklaus course and pretty mean http://www.baypointgolf.com/baypoint.asp?id=16&page=438   Hombre is inbetween....
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