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hey guys   thanks for all the feedback, when i went for a fitting the 913 went 5 yards futher than my 910 with the same shaft, the fitter asked me to try an new setup rocketballs tour 9 degree wit an extrastiff miyazaki kusala black shaft! WOW  best hit wit the titliest was 307 yards, best hit with the new rockeballs setup 334 yards!  spin dropped from 2800 to 2000! i traded in my old driver and got the rocketballz! much more forgiving aswell!  
Hi Guys   there a new fitting system here at the proshop were i can try this driver out, im going to compare the 2, WILL LET UL KNOW THE OUTCOME.
Hi Beachcomber   The loft is 9.5 degrees, aldila rip 63g stiff shaft, i have it set to C1!  this setting gives me the most penetrating ball flight and also cut out a lil bit of my draw. i swing on an upswing and an in to out swing path.   Im asking if both clubs were struck in the middle, will the 913 D3 give me more distance over the 910D3
Hi Guys   I have the Titleist 910 d3 driver with aldila rip shaft , my swing speed is  average 115mph, i get around 270 meter drives on average with no wind. i get hardly any roll!!  any thoughts on the 913 d3 driver, would i get more distance, wit more roll??  Thanks Vivek
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