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Like I said it's a pinhole but there are a few others over the grooves too.
Not sure but it's like a tiny dot attached to the black groove part and when running a tee along it you can feel it. Worried the putter is damaged or I've damaged the groove by running a sharp tee along it.
Recently got a scottsdale putter and had 3 rounds with it. I've noticed there is a very small chip on a few of the black parts of the grooves. It's literally the size of a pin hole and you can only feel it if you run a tee along it but can this cause any problems?
Would I just spray it around the bottom of the cog where it goes against the hosel?
One of the adjustable cogs on my driver got stuck and after a few bangs off a corner it came loose but has since became stuck again. A pro recommend using wd40 spray to loosen it up but is it okay to do this?
Realised when adjusting my X2 hot driver that I never aligned the harsh marks together before screwing the head back on. Fixed it now but can this damage the driver? I never hit balls with it on the wrong way.
This might sound silly but wanted to check this out before I contact the store. I bought a call away X2 hot driver in October and recently the head screw came loose so I tightened it and all seems okay. At the range today and when I leant the club against the wall you can hear a sound like a metallic vibration. The pro at the range said it's not a head rattle and he gave it a dunt with the grip end and he heard it also but didn't think it was anything serious. Is it...
Thing is I remember seeing them clicking it in.
It's the screw for taking the head off and adjusting loft etc. Possible that the pro where I bought it didn't screw it in properly I guess.
Noticed tonight that my callaway X2 hot driver head screw had came loose. Screwed back in and seems okay but is it normal for the screw to loosen off after a few rounds or range sessions?
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