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It's definitely not a permanent fix and he said this will help get the feeling but over time I should bring my foot forward once the feeling is there.
I was advised it would help me get hitting from the inside but I'm wary I'll start taking it away too far inside.
I'm 6ft 5 and recently got my first set of custom fit clubs. What a difference! I needed an inch and a half longer which is taking some getting used to but I'm not hunched over nearly as much as I was before.
I've been suffering with an out to in shot and my coach has had me working on swinging with my right foot back a bit which is meant to help get an in to out swing. I've been hitting a very small draw doing it but will this drill result in my take away being too inside? I've had the odd shank but I think that's more me than the swing.
Would say it's a scratch or a ding? Always thought a ding was like a dent.
My new iron has picked up what I think is a ding on the face. Is this more a scratch or is it a gouge etc? You can feel it slightly with your nail and it's in between the 2 white lines.
Range grass?
Noticed there's a few scratches on my new wood face after some range sessions. Are these defined as normal use scratches?
It's a steel shaft.
Quite possibly. They said they were going to pull the ferrule down to then glue it back in place. I know they heated it to get it to slacken off so they could have used something like that. Would that cause the shaft to weaken?
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