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I've been working on my takeaway a lot recently and noticed I'm looking away from the ball and looking at the club head out the corner of my eye to male sure it's not coming inside. Been hitting a little bit thin so could this be a reason why? My thoughts are it could be if I'm rushing to get back to the right position.
I bought one of the mack daddy tour grind wedges around 3 weeks ago in the slate finish. I know that the slate wedges are designed to rust but it's showing signs of this already. Is this a normal time frame or is there potentially a problem?
It's just more annoying as I only recently got the clubs brand new. Guess that could happen any time?
Thanks, I pressed it back in so I'm guessing I'll need to wait until it comes back out again to show then what I mean.
I've had my new callaway xr irons for 2 weeks now and noticed today that the ferrule is coming loose from the head on my 7 iron. Pressed it back in and it was fine for another few shots but came loose again. Is this an easy fix and should this come loose so quickly on new clubs?
So today I hit a stone cold shank in the bunker with my new callaway wedge. As you can see in the pic it left me with a nice scrape right down the hose which is rough to touch. Can I try to get rid of this or should I put it down to one of these things and they'll get a lot worse over the next few years. It's the slate finish so it shows up more but I've heard they're meant to rust over time anyway.
Just noticed that on my new xr fairway that there seems to be a shiny black splodge on the sole side right at where the head ends and starts to go to the hose. Thought it was a chip at first but it's smooth and shiny whereas the club is a matte finish. Could this be some glue from the factory which has spilled or could it be a chip after all? I've not really hit it in poor areas.
Been practicing with just my 8 iron at the range this week and noticed I'm taking deep divots. Not like trenches but deeper than a small scrape. Would this cause my shaft to potentially snap? It's new clubs I've had for a week and never had a brand new set before.
What's the best way to clean grips? Just a damp cloth over them?
Thanks guys. I think I'm obsessing over the slightest thing as they're brand new irons and I want to keep them in good condition etc. Need to realise they're going to get worn and clubs will get scratched etc.
New Posts  All Forums: