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My bad fault is to lean back on my downswing which results in thin or sliced shots. I've noticed the last few range sessions that by trying to feel the weight go into my left heel on the downswing that my irons are a bit better but woods still not so great. Is this a good idea or am I opening myself up to more swing issues? Im a right hand player btw. If this is ok, should I also be doing this with my woods?
I've had the Skycaddie watch for over a year and I've always wondered whether my charging times have been a bit dodgy. From 50% to full it can sometimes tske around 8 hours whereas other times 3 or 4 hours does it. I charge it through both my laptop and at the wall. Ive contacted skycaddie who suggested resetting everytime it takes a while but has anyone else had this or is this a normal charging time?
Just wondering what people's thoughts are. Looking at a new driver and fairway wood so is it better to go for the same make and spec for both or does it matter as they're 2 different clubs?
I've got the g25 5 wood which I really like but it's just that the cleveland seems a bargain.
have you tried the cleveland classic at all? If so is it forgiving, as long a shaft etc?
Thanks for the link. My shots tend to spray and I've got a lesson next weekend to address this but can't make up my mind whether to splash out the extra 80 pounds for adjustability.
Currently playing a burner 2.0 superfast which has seen better days. The r1 has dropped to £149 but im also looking at the cleveland classic for £80. Any thoughts on the r1 and is it worth the extra?
Makes sense to get as much for your cash at the moment.  I wouldn't imagine you would want to spend your whole budget on the clubs if you are just starting out. I'd recommend as you've suggested to make sure you can get enough as possible with the budget.
As Shindig said, I think everyone should be custom fit no matter your level. Makes the game comfier when your clubs are right for your height, build etc.
Looking at both of these drivers to possibly replace my Taylormade burner superfast 2.0. Obviously it depends what I hit better but has anyone got an opinion of these 2 drivers? Love the classic look of the Cleveland but the Rbz 2 is all about the distance. Both are roughly the same cost where I've seen them at and suits my budget.
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