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Also how would I know if it was damaged? Would it be visible?
Nah it was literally a tiny bit. It wasn't like it bent right back or anything.
Cool, thanks for clarifying that. It said on the forum I read that you can damage the fibres etc.
Im not clued up on the technical side of clubs but is it normal for them to have a bit of bend in them unlike steel shafts?
I recently bought a new driver in a stiff flex and ive got a query although I accept this will probably sound stupid. I accidentally managed to lean on the shaft and although it never snapped it did bend ever so slightly and then back into its normal look when I moved. Ive read that I could have damaged it internally and im wondering if this is the case or am I being stupid and the shaft will have some give in it with being graphite.
My bad fault is to lean back on my downswing which results in thin or sliced shots. I've noticed the last few range sessions that by trying to feel the weight go into my left heel on the downswing that my irons are a bit better but woods still not so great. Is this a good idea or am I opening myself up to more swing issues? Im a right hand player btw. If this is ok, should I also be doing this with my woods?
I've had the Skycaddie watch for over a year and I've always wondered whether my charging times have been a bit dodgy. From 50% to full it can sometimes tske around 8 hours whereas other times 3 or 4 hours does it. I charge it through both my laptop and at the wall. Ive contacted skycaddie who suggested resetting everytime it takes a while but has anyone else had this or is this a normal charging time?
Just wondering what people's thoughts are. Looking at a new driver and fairway wood so is it better to go for the same make and spec for both or does it matter as they're 2 different clubs?
I've got the g25 5 wood which I really like but it's just that the cleveland seems a bargain.
have you tried the cleveland classic at all? If so is it forgiving, as long a shaft etc?
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