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It's a steel shaft.
Quite possibly. They said they were going to pull the ferrule down to then glue it back in place. I know they heated it to get it to slacken off so they could have used something like that. Would that cause the shaft to weaken?
Had a ferrule re glued and I've noticed a pattern of 5 small scratches in a line on the shaft. Could this be when the ferrule was fixed or could something like pressure to the shaft cause this?
We're currently in the pub and my friend who has played with one of the guys mentioned he's seen the shaft bend ever so slightly as hes had the same chat about it but then it never seems to cause a problem. Guessing shafts are meant to bend slightly.
Well put it this way, if you were to put your palm on the butt of the club and apply a small bit of pressure would this cause damage as it would be getting pressed into the ground?
It was a couple of old guys so I'm not sure to be honest. Just got me wondering if that would damage it.
No idea what shaft they were but heard them say they were new. He wasn't putting his whole body weight or anything onto it. Think it was just a light press if anything.
Brilliant! Would it weaken the shaft at the head point etc? Found both views interesting but didn't know who was correct.
Today I heard 2 guys arguing about shafts. One was leaning on his club waiting to take a shot and another was saying that leaning on the club will break it. Any thoughts on this?
I showed them the club and as it was miniscule they asked me to see how it goes and if it gets worse. If it was the head coming loose I'd kick up a fuss but as it's less than a millimeter, I don't want to complain over something which is a small gap on 3 clubs. I'm torn over what to do.
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