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Sorry, I meant my weight moving forward in the sense that it went from my heels to my toes.  I think because I was really stiff etc, I couldn't get into a relaxed rhythm and it was all over the place.
If I'm being honest, I rarely warm up at the range or before a round but this morning has got me thinking that I need to get this sorted asap.   When I go to the range after work, most of the times I feel quite loose as I've been moving about most of the day, however, at the weekend when I'm either playing or at the range it's early morning and I feel really stiff for the first 15-20 minutes. This morning I've managed to hit a lot of duffs and shanks (felt like my weight...
I'm playing the ball just front of centre.  Maybe slightly further ahead of where I hit a 5 iron.
What do you mean by OTT?
I've been hitting my 5 wood so so recently but the last couple of weeks, I'm hitting it fat a lot and hitting off slicing to the right.  I'm not hitting my irons fat and I'm wondering if I'm possibly dipping down in my backswing.  Could this be one of the causes?
Pink balls?
Any ideas for cheaper options or ideas we could do?
That idea is awesome however I'm in Scotland. Lol
Im having the proper stag the week before but this is just a stag round for a few close friends.
I feel your pain. I started playing 2 years ago and I think I've been through every emotion with this game.  I started off getting rounds of 100-120 and got to the point where I was thinking would I ever improve and why was I doing this when I wasn't enjoying it   I started going to the range pretty much every night and booked some lessons which gave me things to work on.  Now and again old habits would creep back in so I would book another lesson to get things checked...
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