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I've been recently hitting a bit thin and my coach advised me to just focus on turning my chest back and through and not think about arms or shoulders as these will turn anyway. This feels really weird as I'm used to starting with my arms but I found last night that I was hitting a lot better and getting ball then turf. Is this a good swing thought or will it lead to further problems down the line?
To be fair they don't have a certain brand they target as such. They're really honest and excellent service. I like the xr and rsi2 feel but don't know if I can justify the extra 100 pounds. I'd be going to the callaway centre to get fitted if I go for them and the pro said he'd book me in. Thinking if I went for them,I'd go 5 to pw and then get some mack daddy wedges, hybrid and maybe a 3 wood. At present, I've got a X2 hot driver, ping g25 5 wood, 5 to sw and a vokey 60.
I've currently got a set of mizuno mx17 irons which I bought used 3 years ago when I took the game up and always said I'd get a new set when I get my handicap into the teens. The clubs have served me well and I've won 3 medals and the handicap club championship last season. I'm looking at new clubs this year and I've narrowed it down to the calla way xr, Taylor made rsi or rsi 2. I'd be adding a hybrid and new wedges too but can't decide. They all feel lovely and the rsi2...
Like I said it's a pinhole but there are a few others over the grooves too.
Not sure but it's like a tiny dot attached to the black groove part and when running a tee along it you can feel it. Worried the putter is damaged or I've damaged the groove by running a sharp tee along it.
Recently got a scottsdale putter and had 3 rounds with it. I've noticed there is a very small chip on a few of the black parts of the grooves. It's literally the size of a pin hole and you can only feel it if you run a tee along it but can this cause any problems?
Would I just spray it around the bottom of the cog where it goes against the hosel?
One of the adjustable cogs on my driver got stuck and after a few bangs off a corner it came loose but has since became stuck again. A pro recommend using wd40 spray to loosen it up but is it okay to do this?
Realised when adjusting my X2 hot driver that I never aligned the harsh marks together before screwing the head back on. Fixed it now but can this damage the driver? I never hit balls with it on the wrong way.
This might sound silly but wanted to check this out before I contact the store. I bought a call away X2 hot driver in October and recently the head screw came loose so I tightened it and all seems okay. At the range today and when I leant the club against the wall you can hear a sound like a metallic vibration. The pro at the range said it's not a head rattle and he gave it a dunt with the grip end and he heard it also but didn't think it was anything serious. Is it...
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