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 Of course, the steel shafts wouldn't be based primarily on tradition...
The whistling sound odd, almost like the head was pressurized... On the Titleist web site there is a forum you can join.  Might be worth asking there.  Perhaps, if it is a pressurization issue, there is a way to restore it?
 I'm not sure of the "official" definition of Sand Save, if there is one...  I would think that it would mean you knock your second shot into the greenside bunker on a par 4, get out and "save" the par with a one-putt.  However, given the circumstances, if you want it to be a Sand Save, I say go for it!
Love my SCOR wedges and much love for my Newport 2.  I'm actually really happy with all my Titleist clubs, but I attribute a good portion of that to the fitter and suspect that I'd be as happy with some other brands if I could get the fitting and the crowns of the 'woods' were black.
Nice looking sticks, Mr. D! Looking forward to hearing how they treat you on the course.
This is why Golf is a four letter word.
I'm a few years behind you, but I'm a real believer in taking advantage of the benefits of the game improvement clubs.  I went for Titleist AP1s not long ago and love them.  But regardless of the brand, I think the absolute most important thing is getting a good fitting and selection of the right shafts for your swing.  IMHO "fittings" that simply involve deciding whether you want the standard steel or graphite shaft and checking lie aren't much better than buying whatever...
Others have already said it, but the short game is hugely important. Every bit as important as pitching, for me, is lag putting. You're getting better, you will start hitting more greens in regulation, but you may find that this results in a lot more really long putts than you might have had when you had to make more pitch shots to finally get on the green. I seldom see people really practicing lags. As also said already, try to avoid hero shots to make up for having...
I tend to being left handed, but play golf right handed.  I say "tend to being left handed" because there are quite a few things I do right handed out of convenience, or simply because that's how I learned; for example I use scissors right handed because you have to go pretty far out of your way to find left handed ones.  My father was an avid golfer and I'm sure I had one of his old cut down right-handed clubs in my hands not long after I started walking.   I rather...
 With all due respect, if your average score is around 90, in my non-professional and humble opinion, your game really isn't at the point where it has "outgrown" game improvement type clubs.    If you like Callaway, perhaps you should look at the Apex irons for an upgrade that still is pretty forgiving.  I like my Titleist AP1s a lot.  Why make it harder on yourself than it needs to be?
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