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Just got mine as well. Thanks for the heads up about the middle marker. Now I have to find mine! I will also be giving a skin to the OP.
i wish i spend that amount of time on conference calls. I need to speak with my CEO 
Let the club do the work. As stated in previous posts... do not try and "help" the ball up. Hitting off of hardpan is a great way to solve this issue. Ball first, then take a little divot once you start to figure it out. Let the club do the work.
Right there with ya. My *60 treats me like shit... but for some reason I still cant keep my hands off of her.
I loved all 60 minutes of that game. For some reason... more so than others  Lets go Blues
Unfortunately I will not be able to make it Friday due to work. I will be there Saturday though. 
no marker here
sweet thanks for the info! i'll be there
Do you have your online pass code by chance? I play this game all the time and I recently changed xboxes (went to the 250gb) and didnt have my email address right so I had to get a new gamer tag. 
Totally agree. I was very disappointed when I saw that after shelling out $60.00 for a new game. 
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