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Does anyone have it? If so, do you play online? I'm an Xbox 360 gamer who frequently plays xbox live. Just wondering who else shares this interest.
Cleveland Classic 290 Driver 2 Winterwear Pullovers FJ Wintersof gloves (Gainey style)  50 Balls Cleveland fitted had    2013 St.Louis Cardinals Alternate jersey. (not golf related but i just HAD to)
lmfao. damn
"Keep your head down, Swing hard, and  hit it straight" 
Now this "aunt" you speak of... is she "legally" your aunt? or is she just married to your "unlegal" cousins father? (who also doesn't take bs)
Welcome to TST! Hope to see you at the expo in Jan. I think a few of the guys are planning on meeting out there but I'm not sure.
If this is true.... I'm not quite sure I know what a troll is. However, I would like for this to happen once a month or so just because I laughed my ass off at all these comments.
Why do women wear make-up in public?    Doesn't matter, what the hell is she doing out of the kitchen!?
Well they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree so I would be careful what you say on here. He may force you to remove your post for $10.
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