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Yea it does. I'd end up skulling it into the woods if i tried it.
Seems like they all had a good amount of class. I really like Stuart from the start but either way, I'm happy that it wasn't Brian that won. He is a good golfer but his attitude will surely slow him down. Not just in golf but if he handles many of life's situations as he did on the show... he will be a very frowned upon individual.
Never have seen one of these. I guess they didn't make it into many bags huh? Good concept but I suppose this was a flop.
wtf is this? please explain
I'm all for that lol. Golf channel could use someone like James. 
Those are the ones i normally use. Long white tees that aren't the best shape but they work for me. Like you said i need to mark them to tee the same height every time though.
yea the fairwoods would be pretty sweet. I'm so hooked to this driver now I hope there are more of something similar down the road.
I have never used those tee's but I do like the idea of consistency when teeing up your ball. I pretty much tee mine the same but I know its not exact every time but I would like to try these tees.
someone repost when their ball marker arrives. give us some feedback. 
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