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When playing alone, I mostly will use the time to work on my game.  As other have mentioned, hitting multiple tee shots, approaches, and putts.  It is always nice to be able to use the course as a practice range as it gives a much more realistic feel as opposed to ranges and practice greens.
Videos from last weekend.  Working hard to improve posture.   I also need to get my hands a little closer to my body, I am hoping this will allow me to move the club back more down the line and less inside.   Any thoughts or comments on the swing?    
A couple videos shot yesterday.   I have had a couple good sessions with my instructor and am seeing improvement in my contact and ball flight.  I am still working hard to take the club away straighter, this is proving to be the most difficult part of the swing changes we are working on currently.   As always and comments are appreciated.      
  Thanks very much for the swing thought.  I will work to implement it during the next range session.  
A couple more swing videos (the DL vid is not the best-sorry).   I am working to try and get the club back a little more down the line (as opposed to way inside).  Hopefully this will give me some more room to work the club from inside-out.   A secondary swing thought I am working with now is to slide the hips but keep my upper body behind the ball and release the club.   Both are a work in progress.   As always any comments/critiques are welcome and...
Shot a pair of 81's last wknd at my home course 70.1/126.
I would like to improve my game to the point where my handicap will allow me to participate in the US Open qualifying process.  At this point no illusions of winning or even qualifying, but it would be an honor to be a part of the process someday.
51 deg wedge, 3/4 Swing
Just a couple more videos, I am working to not get the club inside so much on the early part of my takeaway, although it is seemingly a very tough habit for me to break...    
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