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Well you guessed right on how i practice.  Thank you for your help
I have been working on this for a couple of weeks now and i dont seam to be getting anywhere.  I get up and do a practice swing and the divot is going the correct direction and looks like i would hit ball first.  When i swing at the ball the divot is always going from out to in and is usually too far behind the ball.  This would explain the slice and poor distance.  Can someone give me some pointers or some good drills\practices to gain some ground on that issue. Maybe...
It does. Thank you for your advise
 Is that proper way to use these forums to spend some real time working on the help I have gotten above and then post another video to this same thread?  I am assuming that the instruction from you people above is the most obvious issues and as i bring them under control other things can be worked on in perhaps a specific order.  I guess what i am really asking is it effective to try and work on several things at once or just focus on one swing change at a time. Any advise?
I am very hopeful that you can help me also. I will be extremely appreiciated
I am hoping you meant that you have been work with the guys in this forum
Thank you iacas for the clarification. That post did confuse me a little. It seamed as though it was the opposite of what MVMAC had said.   I will tell you though that I got the advice to "really flip those wrists" from a instructor on a golf range that is a PGA member.  I do think both you and MVMAC gave me that right advise as well as mfillyaw.  I was paying for the lessons that got me started on the bad habit that you both of you advise against.  The only part of my...
Sure I would like what to see what you have
It has been a little frustrating at times. I make a swing with open hands and I can turn the shoulder without drifting the head. I can also follow through better. Once I put that glib in my hand my brain wants to take over and I struggle.
I realized that I never thanked you for your help. It is very much appreciated.
New Posts  All Forums: