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I've been recently having tons of trouble with my grip (the traditional style - left over right). I've heard from a few people about a grip called 'the lock' or similar, but none are really sure how it looks or works. Just wondering if anyone has some images of this and some advantages/disadvantages? Thanks
I think if he'd have done a full US season, he'd have atleast won one event. Plus, he's got a darn sexy swing.
Come on, she's only 16. Surely she must be a bit nervous. I know I was terrified when I was gonna do a little speech infront of my little class at that age.
I actually had a run of pars going, but I put one in a set of tree's and tried to play it onto the fairway, but ofcourse I hit the smallest tree possible (must have been the width of the ball) and it came right back to where it was before. Thats where I got my one triple bogey. But still, I'm so happy with how I played .
Wow, I just shot my new record score (90), 8 shots under my handicap. I've never played so well, everything just worked. 5 pars and tons of bogeys, and the odd (damn them) double/triple bogey.
The wind has been pretty strong out at St. Andrews, could be why?
I'm undecided. I like how they're trying to innovate, but i'm just wondering if they're trying too hard. As long as they include a standard controller I'll buy one.
I suggest getting a cheapo one from eBay to begin with. Try it out for a few weeks and if you like it enough, upgrade. I bought my Taylor Made from eBay (3 years old) and got it re-gripped and I love it.
So there is hope for all of us...
I just don't get how you can possibly compare a baseball swing to a golf swing. They're like on totally different axis Either way, I enjoyed it. Loved it when the American's couldn't get out of that bunker. Anyone know what handicap that Tommy plays to? Please say its not scratch.
New Posts  All Forums: