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Only goal is to reduce handicap to below 5 this year Short game and approach within 120yrds seems to be the only way forward!
Apologies poor explanation With the project x the weight is distributed a little more toward the grip than perhaps some other shafts For me this gives me a little better feel as to where my hands are in relation to my body when making my downswing Just personal preference! I was hoping to emphasis the importance of a fitting as a px wasn't a shaft I had even considered before :)
i use my bushnell V2 whether for any shot under 250yds to  over 50yrds Regardless of whether its gale force winds or a calm summers day, knowing my exact yardage really helps   I have used GPS on iPhone and it is fairly accurate within 1-2 yards after checking with laser I prefer laser as you can shoot different objects on the course to work out carry ect
I've recently moved from Mizuno MP-37 to Titleist AP2 I have to say the only reason i switched irons was because the AP2s had project x shafts as oppose to my MP-37 with R300 in. My driver swing speed is roughly 112-114 mph therefore needed a change (both these sets of irons were bought 2nd hand)   I have always played blades since i got to single figures as a teenager Gave up golf for 8 years and when getting back into it over the past few months, it happens i...
My driver - best and worst club  - On a good day there's nothing more fun and satisfying than ploughing a ball 290-300 yrds down the fairway  - On a bad day there is nothing more frustrating than a dirty snap hook 250 yrds into the trees :)
Agreed, how can they call you a bandit shooting 2 points under! I get bored of this banter to when I am playing in my society
I have recently purchased vokey sm4 52/56 with 8/10 bounce. Upgraded from 5-6 year old Cleveland and tm atv wedges. Impressed so far with workability and spin, but most the solid feel and look at set up. Wedges are super personal and you have to consider how they feel at full shot, pitches and the tricky flops and little bumps. Sm4 worked a treat for me all round
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