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I live in Branson, as of right now 2 of our best clouded are closed. Branson creek ( 1public in the state) and murder rock #3 in the state, were bought by Johnny Morris owner of bass pro shops. Hid top of the rock could and branson creek are to be reopened in the spring. I think hes trying to do something with the courses and his big cedar lodge resort. But we also have the #2 and #4 ranked courses in the state here. Among 3 other good ones.
I played with Tim Clark when I was 15 in a pro-am event when he was on the Nike tour.
I have always liked Payne Stewart's swing. Seemed very smooth and easy.
My best friend works at the coke office. I would like to over and play a few.
My sister lives in F town!
Were you at in Arkansas?
Yankees cardinals And anything mizzou!
My walmart they are not locked up. I never even thought about how you could steal golf balls. Obviously someone figured it out. Wow! People amaze me!
I havnt played the 1x. The lethal is a good ball. It seems to come off my clubface hot! Its a good feeling ball around the greens. I seem to hit it better than other balls. I don't much care for the price tag, all in all a grest ball.
Love KC!!! Go Royals!!!!
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