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It is tough to know the best way to go. Really the best way is through a recommendation of a pro or trusted friend where you live. I've been to FITTINGS at Golfsmith and the like that were a disaster, but even some of the ones that cost $$$ seem to totally depend on what fitter you get. Depending on where you live you can free fittings from manufacturers too (their traveling fitting van or even at their offices like Cleveland), but some of the fittings are pretty...
If you want something crazy simple check out one of the gps watches that are out. Never have to dig in your bag for a gps or take the laser our of its holder. But if you really want to the FLAG youll be happier with a laser to get the most accurate info. The Bushnell and Leupold are both good ones to check out. Also depends on if you want to see the slope, if you want a screen with a red display or black, etc. 
I'm at a loss...isn't Golflogics like 2X the price of Golfshot? http://www.criticalgolf.com/how-we-test-iphone-golf-gps-apps/
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