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I just feel the faster i swing the more out of position i get causing the shank, but i don't no much about a golf swing so im probly wrong thanks
Went out today was shanking it all over the place, apart from the 18th were i hit good iron shots in really thinking its all down to the tempo of my swing.
Il have to try some of them MS256 aslong as i can stop the shanks nothing more embarassing than someone watchin you and then you shank it across the fairway.
Thanks for the advice guys il try and get a video up soon, its frustrating standing there and having no clue what you did wrong. i just had to laught it off even though i was boiling inside
This year id like to break 90 and then stay in the 80's. Long term break 80 only been playing less than a year and im 19 so i've time on my side if anything.
Had an awful round today at the course, basically shanked every iron shot on the front 9 and quite a few on the back 9 to, this rarely happens normally if i miss hit something i hit it fat. So my question is are there any drills i could do to stop this nightmare happening again or will it just pass with time?     Thanks
Harrington because he's irish lol (obviously im irish) and Mickelson due to his exciting play
Watch a few videos of the pro's shanking a few and hitting bad shots then i realise no one's perfect and that i just have to keep working at it to stop these events occuring.
I notice myself alot playing good periods during rounds where im striking the ball great and everything seems to be going to plan, but then all of a sudden the wheels completely fall off and i can barely get the ball air born. So my question to you guys, is there anything i can work on to improve this situation or is it a case of practise makes perfect and just wait to my skill level develops to the point i feel comfortable over the ball and my ability?   Thanks
Phil Mickelson and Padraig Harrington for me
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