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Or, this could just be a trap for one of you other suckers to try it next time you're near an electric fence. 😉
My wife took up golf after we got married in an attempt to spend more time with me while I was out on the course. We played 1-2 times per week, entered a few "couples" tourneys and she actually got pretty decent in a short period of time. She played golf up until her 6th month of pregnancy. She hasn't played in 18 months. I try to play once a week. It's usually accepted/expected. Once in a while I squeeze in a 2nd weekly round bc of a tourney or a friend in town on a golf...
Yes. I only drive it about 230-240, but yes, hit every fairway on the back. From the blue tees, some of the other guys couldn't hit Driver on every hole (trouble at 260, etc), but with my shorter length, it wasn't an issue. It took me about 6 holes to get my driver dialed in, but once we made the turn, I was driving dead center. Par on both par 5s. Par on the shorter par 3. Made a 6 on the par 3 over water. And some bogeys. It was an enjoyable round.I feel as if the greens...
I have a friend who is a friend of the head pro. So we teed off at 3:30 for $65 while everyone else is paying $250. Course was in immaculate condition. Greens were in great shape, but very slow.We played the 4th of 5 tees (championship) which measure over 6700 yards with a slope of 139. I shot 46-43 for an 89, which I'm pretty happy about given the chosen tees. There were a couple par 4s I needed to hit Driver - 3wood to reach or Driver - 4hybrid. There are plenty of areas...
I predict it will be lower. I haven't had as much time to play in 2014 and 2015 as I did in 2012 and 2013. My index was 10.9 then. It's 12.8 today. I should have more time to play this fall and winter and expect my handicap to drop back down in the 10-11 range.
Ok. I did watch that video of you demonstrating keeping that elbow from "tucking behind" your body. It was well explained. I'll practice it.
Thanks. It wasn't until I made a few swings with the SE on that I realized I was over bending my wrists. Every time I watch myself on video or focus on something specific, I discover something else. I'm going to continue to work with the Swing Extender regularly. It's can't hurt.
Just an update... My swing extender arrived yesterday. I have not had time yet to hit balls at the range with it on, but I did make some swings with a 7 iron with the Swing Extender on. First impressions, it certainly does what it's designed to do. If you have it on correctly, it's fairly comfortable and will not allow you to bend your right arm past 90 degrees. I was concerned that I fold my arms very far and upon taking a normal backswing, I was going to 'slam' my...
I have not played. But I believe a few guys on here play at draftkings.com
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