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Chicken and waffles we serve in our bar & grill.
I have to say, an 18 index shooting 79 and 77 in back to back rounds sounds like a great stretch. My index has hovered between 11 and 12 since I established it and I have never broke 80. Sounding from your scores of 77, 79, 83, 85 it sounds like 14.1 is a closer representation of your ability than 18. Then again, I have no idea of slope/rating of the courses those scores were posted on I guess.
This is great advice. And usually with what I struggle with the most. I play very accurate when "tight" and as I really loosen up I get overly aggressive with my driver and seem to lose control of shots that should be routine. Last week I played +2 over the first 13 holes then finished the round at +11.
That's not MY description of MB. That's the people who rank the U.S. 100 most dangerous cities description.
How exactly is that a great post? It's absolute absurd to think someone would walk around carrying a fire extinguisher and a defibrillator. It's just plain stupid. I understand the concept of exaggeration for sake of argument, but this post is just silly.
133mph swing? Jamie Sadlowski, is that you?
I sound a bit paranoid?? Because I carry a handgun daily? Once again niavity and ignorance rears its ugly head.Bulletproof vehicles? Does that sound practical or financially prudent? Meteor insurance? Now you're just making up silly shit.And yes, I do have a home alarm, and a dog, and insurance for fire, wind and flood damage.I live in an area that a decent amount of crime. In 2012 we were ranked the 15th most dangerous city in the U.S. and in 2013 we were ranked...
You can drive that bag to the course in this.
Damn, that bag is really ugly.
Sounds like it's time to move somewhere that has a year round golf season ;)Edit - I see you're in Tampa, why not play year round?
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