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I used to have to park my first car, in downtown Troy, NY, with no reverse. My transmission was wrecked (1979 Porsche 924) so I would have to find an uphill spot and parallel park by using gravity as my reverse.
I replied to you in your Private Message. Short answer: looks like a perfect setup.
I was in that general area of the country a couple weeks ago. I only managed to squeeze in rounds at Quail Ridge, Highlands, and Eagle Eye. I wish I had made the drive up to Arcadia Bluffs.
New York Vermont Connecticut North Carolina South Carolina Florida Nevada Michigan Ohio Ive played a few courses in Mexico as well.
That's kinda why I'm asking. The rule seems very odd to me. Contradictory to the actual rules.
The way it's set up with this local rule, there's almost no spot on the course where you need to take a stroke and distance penalty. Would this local rule change the course rating and slope?
I know there is always a discussion about areas that some courses mark as a lateral water hazard even though there is no water anywhere in the area. Well, here's one for you. This is posted on every cart of a local golf complex. It's a pretty large complex in this area with 3 separate 18 hole courses, all of which are very nice. This "local rule" applies to all 3 courses. I'm asking about this, because I find it hard to believe the USGA would be ok with this type of local...
Does it make a difference where his passport is from? No offense, but who cares. So what, he's a legal resident/citizen of Switzerland. I'm not sure why it matters.
Yeah. I now understand the reasoning of not allowing the golfer to choose between 2 balls in play. It makes perfect sense.
I don't want to speak for the guy with the idea. But let's say you spray one off the tee to the right, and it goes 8' deep into the woods on the right.Instead of going up there, finding the ball 8' deep in the woods with absolutely no chance to hack it out, and having to drive back to the tee to hit an unplayable lie stroke and distance, he is saying a provisional ball option should be included for unplayable lie scenarios as well.
New Posts  All Forums: