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I didn't realize you guys were from that area. I played Capital Hills a few times growing up (it WAS Albany Muni then) and I played Normanside last year when I was up home for a visit.
Are you sure you don't mean silver, not white? I had a set of G2 irons that were maroon dot. My current set of G25 are silver dot. I think white dot is flat, not upright.**Edit** I am wrong. Silver is between maroon and white.Maroon is 5* upSilver is 4* upWhite is 3* up(Approx).
The statement about MB is mostly true. There have been a handful of courses here that have closed and in its place is a housing development or a condo complex. WildWing used to have 72 holes. Now it has 27 holes and a bunch of condos.On topic, the game does need to grow. The golfing populous is getting older and dying. The game is drying up. The younger generation aren't getting involved in it. It's expensive, difficult and time-consuming.Having said all that, I dislike...
There's a 85 page thread about this here somewhere. It kinda turned into a gun laws debate. But it was active for quite a while back in early summer.
As a fellow G25 irons player, let me be the first to say welcome.
We are about the same height (6'5") and I play Ping irons. I was fitted for the exact same specs. Maroon Dot (5 degrees up) and +1" long. I also hit a bunch of shots on a lie board and the maroon dot were perfect. I think you are on the right track.No matter what clubs you end up buying, look for irons that are +1" long and either 4 or 5 degrees upright. That should get you started.
Funny enough, in that video the guy stamped down the grass behind the ball on the tee box, as is currently being discussed in another thread. Interesting. Seems really unnecessary.
I meant 10% or 20 yards with driver.As you can see from my example 17 yards shorter at 165 = 10% reduction. That was my bad. I didn't mean 20%.
Adidas used to make a shirt called Formotion that fit like that. But why do you want it short??
I disagree. I've hit plenty of range balls that were quite dead. A 20% distance reduction in beat up range balls is not unheard of. I hit balls on a FlightScope last week and I'm sure the range balls were not carrying like a real golf ball. I regularly carry my 6 iron 165 yards on the golf course (laser rangefinder measured) and my average on the FlightScope was around 148. Same results with my Driver, it was 20% shorter than on course.
New Posts  All Forums: